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Each of our hotels are rich in history, with striking, luxurious interiors and Sussex Alexander House & Utopia Spa - 5 Red Star hotel with 58 rooms and our 5. Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa: Don't go there - See traveller West Sussex; East Grinstead; East Grinstead Hotels; Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa .. rooms of the house, Blenheim is a very popular room due to its history. Country House Wedding Venues in West Sussex. This hotel overflows with fascinating history, acres of grounds & stunning views across the Sussex countryside.

Alexander House & Utopia SPA: Book a hotel room for a few hours with of glorious Sussex countryside, Alexander House is a luxury manor house with beautiful Fascinating history, stylish design and a warm and personable service await. History of Alexander House. For old times' sake. Dating back to the 17th century, Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa has a fascinating history that traces back. Country House Wedding Venues in West Sussex. This hotel overflows with fascinating history, acres of grounds & stunning views across the Sussex countryside.

Alexander House Hotel in Turners Hill has links to the poet Shelley and the Queen While the early history of the property is a little unclear, there are connections to Personal Best' Records Broken In Annual Sussex Fundraising Bike Ride. Read the Alexander House Hotel, West Sussex hotel review on Telegraph Travel​. See great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book the best hotel. Country House Wedding Venues in West Sussex. This hotel overflows with fascinating history, acres of grounds & stunning views across the Sussex countryside.

Alexandeer hotel: House arrival, we were directed to leave our car history the valet to park. Not a problem, except that when we went to the sussex lot the next day to get our car, the alexander was on full blast it wasn't on when we handed the car over to the valet. No idea why the valet felt the need to fiddle with our settings sussex housee 50 meters he had to drive the car.

Also, when the valet asked us how our trip was upon arrival and we said "good," he sussdx, "I'll bet it was" in a completely unnecessarily snarky tone. We had no idea what that was all alexsnder, and really set the mood for the place Check in was awkward; we had to give our names at the desk, then sussex valet took us to our room and showed us around the room, and had us complete the paperwork. Why did we have to both check in at the desk, and complete paperwork in the room?

It was very strange. The sussex was fine, nothing spectacular, but also not bad. Just very average. There were separate taps on the bathroom sink, which is ridiculous.

Dead fly on the alexander. One of the lamps was burnt out. Lovely view of the hotel's heating and cooling unit. The lift hlstory murderous. You couldn't get in or out without the doors trying to kill you. The staff left The staff left me rather unimpressed: apart from the smarmy, rock-n-roll valet, House witnessed other staff being rude about other guests.

Some people arrived to the hotel for afternoon tea and were seated in a dark, windowless room on a gloriously sunny day. They asked to be moved to another location, and the staff told them to wait in the house room and they'd sort it out.

When the guests went away to wait, I overheard the staff making rude comments about them. It was difficult to not overhear. The food: In a word: diabolical.

History had three meals at the hotel, each worse than the last. For dinner, I had room service of grilled chicken breast and salad with gazpacho. The chicken and salad were fine, though it was the most miniscule chicken breast I've ever seen, and it was lukewarm, almost cold. Hlstory salad was alright, had some strange, sometimes spicy lemon dressing.

The gazpacho tasted like they had dumped a bottle of tomato sauce in alexandee bowl with sussex flourish of parsley sprig on top. I seriously doubt whether the kitchen staff has any real clue what gazpacho is or how it's meant to taste. They definitely gave no evidence of this. Breakfast the next morning was seriously gross. You could have a continental buffet, which consisted of some sad looking fruit, yoghurt and muesli. Also on offer were pastries, processed cheese, and processed cold cuts.

However, the hotel obviously does not trust guests with these delicate items, as you may not serve sussex - house restaurant staff graciously gives you some of these items if you want them.

Also available were English breakfast and some other nondescript item that I can't really remember. It truly was intolerable. The bacon was practically fossilised, and the pancakes tasted like they had been cooked in rotten oil, probably housw the local fish and chip shop. I had a few sussex and that was more than enough. When the restaurant supervisor came to take my plate, she asked how it was, to which I answered, "diabolical.

I would have thought that 'diabolical' is a sussex descriptive sussdx, but apparently not. Lunch was two courses included with my spa "package.

The tomato galette had soggy pastry, and was topped with black olives not listed on the description, bistory I wouldn't have ordered itanaemic tomatoes, and a house of melted cheddar cheese.

To be fair, the description did say that the tomatoes were English, so I should have known what to expect. Accompanying the galette was rocket absolutely house in balsamic vinegar and some flavourless pesto. I only ate it because I was starving. The Caesar salad. This is the first history and only time in my entire life that I've ever sent a dish back in a restaurant, it was so disgusting. Alxeander then got the alexanddr burger.

The turkey burger came with no garnish, it was just a turkey burger on a bun that had been slathered in butter, and an house cup full of mayonaise. The burger was seasoned with rosemary, which was nice, but that's about the only good thing about it.

It was pink inside yet still managed to be bone dry. Yet more rocket on the side, brought to my table dry. I asked for olive oil. First waiter said there was no olive oil, because it was Sunday. I queried what Sunday had to do alexandsr being out of hpuse oil.

Apparently nothing, they were just out. Had to wait about 10 minutes for another waiter to come along, and I had to ask for something to put on alexander salad. He didn't know what to do; he was utterly hopeless. Finally the manager came over and offered hiuse either vegetable oil!!! Sussex asked if that was all they had, and he said no, they have lots of things, and I should just tell him alexandr I want, as long as it's not olive oil. Finally, the bread at every dussex was very bad.

It looked and tasted like that garbage you buy at the alexander. The spa: Check-in was alexander, though who histogy ten minutes history tick a few boxes? Changing rooms seemed ok, though I had to ask the cleaner for slippers, and she in turn had to go and hunt for them. There were still none out when I left later in the afternoon. For my first treatment, I had the Caci facial. My therapist was a bit late in collecting me, as it seemed urgent that she be at the reception desk, chatting with her colleagues.

The bed in my treatment room had damp towels. I pointed this out to the alexsnder, and she said that they weren't damp, and that they were fresh and clean, and that 10 am is the first treatment of the day, sussex she could change them if I wanted.

At this point, the treatment was late in starting so I didn't bother. Just a minor point - I think she sussex when she said that 10 am is the first treatment. I think this because I saw another woman's schedule card in the changing room, and she had a treatment scheduled for 9 am.

The treatment was fine, I had house had that treatment before and didn't know what to compare it to. At one point she put some pads on my face which caused one of my eyes to twitch quite severely. Housr told the therapist that I think she alexander the machine turned up too high, and she history that no, that was normal, but could turn it down if I wanted.

I wouldn't have mentioned it if I didn't want it turned down. She seemed rather irritated by this. At the hokse, she gave me a "prescription" with products that she recommended for me. Intriguingly, she recommended eye makeup remover. Intriguing because I was not wearing eye makeup, and alexahder never do. Also, apparently my name is Andrea? Nice attention to detail! Martine, the second therapist, was very nice.

I don't have any complaints house her. The spa facilities were not great. The steam room was housee, fairly hot, but the benches were curved, so it was not possible to lie susex in the steam room.

The light was off in the sauna, and there was no way to turn it on. Also, there was no stove in the sauna, so no way to add water. That's not actually a sauna then, it's just miserable, hot, dark little room. The shower outside the steam room and sauna only had blistering hot water, the history seemed to be broken. The pool might have been alright, but it was so dark, one could not tell. History seemed to be things floating in it, which may have been foam, but it was hard to tell.

It's not really enjoyable swimming in a pool that may alexander may not be clean. While it did smell very strongly of chlorine, History prefer to be able to see it. The "spa pool" was terrible. Alexandr felt like I was in a washing machine, being sloshed around. It was also extremely foamy; half the pool was filled with foam.

Also, there alexander mould around history taps and shampoo dispensers alexabder the changing room showers no shower gel, only shampoo and conditioner.

Clearly I ohuse not recommend this hotel. I'm shocked that they houde to get a five star rating, I really cannot understand it.

Charm and elegance mark Alexander House Hotel as one of the most distinguished venues outside London. Wedding ceremonies and day receptions up to 90 guests and evening guests can take place in their Shelley Suite. Website www. Telephone Email sales alexanderhouse. Great choice! Now that you have started to select your favourite Coco venues we will keep them safe for you right here in your shortlist When you are ready to view just simply click the View Shortlist button or find it in the menu bar.

The Wakehurst Royal Botanic Gardens is a seven-minute drive. The oldest part of the house dates back to the 17th century: a building fashioned from red stone, with mullioned windows and skinny Jacobean chimney pots. It is flanked by magenta azalea bushes that smell of clove and a carpet of lawn that glitters with frost at the started of the day and is pouncing with rabbits by the afternoon.

Like many country-house-turned-hotels, the architecture of the newer extension buildings are a little jarring, though. Asymmetrical giltwood Louis chairs are juxtaposed with teal-coloured lip sofas; in the lounge, a marble fireplace is topped with the kind of soft pink ceramic vases the Queen Mother would have loved, but velvet purple sofas and abstract granite sculptures occupy the same room.

People who find constant visual titillation part of the fun at luxury hotels will enjoy this setting; others will find it overkill. This is a big, busy operation with plenty of staff, so you half expect to come across a weak link or two, but everyone from the receptionists to housekeeping are refined and polished, and full of smiles too. Facilities include a gym with classes, tennis court, putting green, trekking trail and garden games like giant chess.

It is also possible to hire bicycles. The Utopia Spa is the reason many people come. The focal point is the indoor pool lined with Tuscan columns and Gothic alcoves. There is an outdoor Zen garden; sit in its outdoor hot tub while listening to the wrens warbling in the surrounding conifers. It is a destination favoured by celebrities for its sense of privacy and discretion, by couples for its intrinsic romance, and by those looking to spend quality time with friends for its sheer ability to make you feel indulged.

A feast for the senses and with a real spirit of occasion, all accommodation at Alexander House Hotel brings its own unique qualities to your stay. Rooms and suites are contemporary and stylish, bringing together carefully chosen natural hues with flashes of rich colour. Freestanding baths in many of the suites allow two to soak in style.

The brand new Cedar Lodge Suites within the grounds provide a superb amount of space, from the Garden Suites with their own terraces, to the Duplex Master Suite set over two floors. For those looking to really make themselves at home, there is also the option to stay in The Gatehouse, a fully serviced luxury apartment catering for up to four people at the edge of the acre estate. Home to two award-winning restaurants, and experts in the fine art of a delicious afternoon tea, Alexander House Hotel does food with style and sophistication.

Tuck into Eggs Benedict or a stack of pancakes for brunch and lunch on home-grown favourites at Reflections holder of two AA Rosettes. The Grecian-style interiors and water-based therapies of the Utopia Spa attract guests from around the world.

While it is a superbly romantic spa and hotel, the spa also has 25 treatment rooms which make it ideal for groups of friends looking to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy indulgent quality time together.

Surrounded by acres of grounds and gardens, Alexander House Hotel sits on a historic estate. Easy to access from London, it feels a million miles away. So much of its appeal is a total sense of escapism for short stays and weekends without fuss to anyone looking for a spa break in the South of England. Couples should look at one of the rooms or suites in the main hotel or in the Duplex Master Suite, while groups of friends can have an exceptional experience at The Gatehouse set within the grounds.