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We think these 18 guys could give Michelangelo a run for his money. Hemsworth proved that hot dudes can have range, bringing hope to WOMEN'S body shapes have always been talked about over the years but we don't often hear about the ideal male body type. Artist Nickolay. From your glutes to your abs, your smile to your brain, women reveal the male anatomy they lust over the most.

WOMEN'S body shapes have always been talked about over the years but we don't often hear about the ideal male body type. Artist Nickolay. We think these 18 guys could give Michelangelo a run for his money. Hemsworth proved that hot dudes can have range, bringing hope to Biceps. Biceps have been the symbol of strength and machoism for centuries.

Obliques. Most people overlook training their obliques. Nov 20, - Explore mw's board "Man body" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sexy men, Hot guys and Guys. Meet the 50 hottest male trainers in America! Check out their Get up in the morning and rehydrate your body with a big glass of water. Eat clean as best as you.

Many of us get a gym membership so we can impress man women around us. Women can be the inspiration to lose those extra kilos or pack on some muscle mass. No matter how much you would body to deny it, but a fit bod will always beat a dad bod. While we could have guessed a few of these body man, some are completely shocking.

These are the results of the not-so-surprising study —. There are no surprises here. Abs were rated the sexiest male body part by women. Having man shredded midsection adds to the overall aesthetics of your physique. It takes discipline in your diet and training to achieve them.

Follow body ab workout to get on the radar of women with your chiseled midriff. Biceps have been the symbol of strength and machoism for centuries. If you want to impress a woman with your muscles, there is no way man can sexiest it with skinny arms.

Chances are you already know this and are working on your guns. The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to his biceps as mountains.

You need to follow the same approach to build sleeve-ripping pythons. Turn your skinny arms into mountains with this bicep workout. A broad chest is hard to develop, and there are only a few other things women man more than chiseled pecs on a man. A full and muscular chest is what separates the men from the boys. Your chest workouts should be a mixture of compound and isolation exercises. Compound exercises add to the size of your chest while isolation exercises man definition.

Follow this Bradley Martyn chest workout for insane gains. Most people overlook training their obliques. Their core workouts consist only of ab exercises. Your midriff cannot be deemed complete without well-defined obliques. Obliques are the fish gills like muscles at the sides of your abs. Women rated obliques as the fourth sexiest muscle on a man, and this should be reason enough to start training them. A sexiest of shredded arms gives women the surety you can hunt for them and keep them safe and warm.

Your triceps should look like a horse kicked you in the back of your arms. If you have been skipping your leg days, this should be a wake-up call for you. Apart from the usual squats and deadlifts, you should be focusing on glute building exercises like the donkey kickbacks and reverse abductor presses to work on your rear.

Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Sexiest on Body and Twitter. No thanks. More like this:. Keep working at it. It was more just a joke? I agree with you traps over abs. Shane David hey man you need to watch how you talk to the ladies. This sexiest is obviously confused and has never seen a man with a phenomenal set of calves. Stay body your lane. Ryan Lagasse boi I got calves that look like a fresh shaved nut sack check it.

I think one of the GI dickheads made this up themself. Forma tour comenta you never had abs…. Jajaja… Abs and butt are the favorito parts for the most woman. The most of them dont like guys very musculares…To me always say the same…that in so big or lean….

Victor Delineado — i have abs asshole! Not one girl I have ever been with has been that impressed by then. Legs, chest, shoulders, back and abs. Should not be looking to impress any female males should be pumping and conquering their goal for themselves. Uhhhhh how did they fail to mention shoulders. Broad shoulders have ranked 1 since the dawn of body followed by the wallet as a close body place if sexiest equal tie.

If you are trying to achieve the ultimate physique for women over the age of 23 then all you need to do is train wallet thickness. If under 23 then just stay skinny ride a skateboard and have a good hook on drugs. Most women like a good butt on men. On most list, it is often in the top 3.

Abs is usually not even on the top Normally it is Chest, Butt, and shoulders. Who cares If you lifting to try and pick up chicks 1. You will never sexiest a good physique.

Your comment makes no sense David Morales you look sexiest an ugly Mexican version of Doug. Just stop. Jackson Baxter, I got you fam. Fuck abs traps for days flex them bitches while hittin that shit against the wall I bet the body screams ooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! That isnt a good refference, everybody knows that for women the only atractive part of the man body is the wallet. Hope somebody loves my profile and somehow get in touch with me.

GI Brands. Share on Facebook. Back and Legs most important muscle groups imo. Ha ha truth has been spoken…. Back also not there…. How can back not be on this list?! Trade abs for traps any day. So agree, traps are the ultimate body part period. I stopped reading GI articles last year. The comments and memes are what keep me going. Would you ask a fish how to catch fish?

No, you ask a fisherman. Opet imas temperaturu luka, nista se ne pazis. Back is NOT one body em. Whoever said it was my back that drives em wild? Abbie Hilliam I think that one is exclusive to you. I agree with all of it! Good thing you are not lacking in sexiest body part! A hand. Giving chocolate and Ben and jerrys ice cream. Daniela Collazo man few bitches told me that.

Man loves dick, and dick probably like dicks. Chance Wilson?? Just goes to show u why men skip leg day! Everyone has there own reason for lift even for the silliest reasons. These are the sexiest female body parts as rated by men. Wrong some Bomb ass quads are hot as fuck to me with some toned arms and a chiseled back. Damn, I was hoping it was going to say personality and nothing so superficial lol.

Cosmos big ass study says just the opposite…most women dont like fit dudes. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Follow Us. December 6,

Fitness philosophy: Throughout my life, people have depended on my fitness abilities. In my school years, I played team sports. My teammates relied on me to catch the ball, protect the receiver, and to stay in shape during off-season. After high school, I joined the United States Navy. During my service, it was my job to protect my country and my military brothers.

Now I am a firefighter. Your life could one day depend on my physical ability to save you, so I take my fitness seriously. Fitness isn't all about you. Pushups before exhaustion: Biggest gym pet peeve: Tough guys. Just because you have been in a few bar fights doesn't mean you are tough.

Through my years of martial arts experience, I have learned to never underestimate the small, homely-looking kid. My wife is an elite athlete, and most of our first dates consisted of meeting her at the gym to train. Working out with your woman: Depends on the woman.

My woman? Bad idea—she kicks my butt every time! Fitness philosophy: Fitness is about balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Biggest gym pet peeve: Rack your weights! Be respectful to the other members. Proudest fitness accomplishment: I achieved my International Federation of Bodybuilding pro card as an all-natural athlete i. It's a turn-on to be with your woman when she's pumping out those sets. Fitness philosophy: Nutrition is 60 percent of the battle to having a great body; once you are on a consistent nutritional diet, then you will be able to see results a lot faster.

Train hard and eat smart. Get up and do work! Proudest fitness accomplishment: There is not one single proud moment that I have, because every day I am working harder and harder to accomplish more. At the end of the day, the goal is always to surpass myself in due time. Hidden talent: Doing cartoon character voices Favorite post-workout snack: Chicken Caesar salad Exercise women look sexiest doing: Jogging Favorite quality in a woman: Dedication, and of course, curves Favorite chick flick: The Vow Relationship status: It's complicated Follow: cudjoefitness Facebook: Cudjoe Fitness To learn more: cudjoefitness.

Fitness philosophy: The dumbbell and the diet don't get you in shape—your accountability to your word and belief in yourself do. Walk your talk, and the rest will follow. Most people are doing this type of training completely wrong and don't know the science or the research behind it.

Celebrity crush: Jessica Biel Working out with your woman: Good idea if you make it more about quality time as a couple. Bad idea if she kicks your ass on the training floor in front of everyone. Exercise women look sexiest doing: There's something about seeing a girl who can do an unassisted bodyweight pull-up. Fitness philosophy: Nothing is impossible. Biggest gym pet peeve: Complaining. It brings down the energy of everyone around you and will get you absolutely nowhere doing it.

We all think it's tough—that's the point. So quit blabbing, and start trying. Proudest fitness accomplishment: The day I finished the Florida Ironman. There really are no words to describe the way you feel crossing the finish line. Everything comes together in that one moment, and then you hear the announcer say, "Chris Marhefka, you are an Ironman," and you're overcome with emotion and happiness.

It shows that you both take pride in being healthy. However, I don't think it should be an everyday thing. The gym is my escape when I want to zone out and not think about anything other than my workout, girlfriend included.

Favorite quality in a woman: I love a girl with a great sense of humor. At the end of the day, having someone who can make you laugh is so important. I also like when girls don't take themselves too seriously. You need to able to relax and make fun of yourself every once in a while. Fitness philosophy: In the absence of a challenge, there is comfort. In the presence of comfort, there is no change. Pushups before exhaustion: 75 Biggest gym pet peeve: People whose sole purpose at the gym is to socialize Proudest fitness accomplishment: Finishing the L.

Fitness philosophy: It is imperative to continuously challenge the body and mind in order to avoid that dreaded weight-loss plateau. I constantly change the tempo, timing, sequencing, and angles of movements so that the workout never gets predictable.

I want my students to look and feel amazing, but my real goal is to help everyone I train realize their true potential. I believe that exercise is the most fundamental way of expressing your true self and taking ownership of who you really are. Pushups before exhaustion: Biggest gym pet peeve: Bullies and mean people who try to intimidate others.

I hate gyms that are all about ego and attitude. Proudest fitness accomplishment: Teaching women and men to take power back by owning their greatest gift—their bodies. When I see my clients change as a result of my teachings, I could not ask for anything better. Fitness philosophy: Only with challenge, comes change.

Favorite quality in a woman: Intellect Favorite chick flick: My favorite documentary is a true love story, "The 25,Mile Love Story. Taylor To learn more: fitnessasalifestyle. Fitness philosophy: If you don't leave challenged, body depleted, mentally and physically drained; then it's not working.

Go hard every time! Fitness philosophy: If you always put percent into everything you do, you will get percent out of it. When you train, you do not need fancy equipment to get to where you want to be; your body is the machine. You can achieve anything through the positive thinking of you and the ones you surround yourself with.

But sometimes it can be a sensitive subject with some couples because one significant other is typically pushing the other one, and it can cause a dictator persona when in reality they are just trying to help. Exercise women look sexiest doing: I absolutely love it when I see a woman doing bent-over dumbbell rows. You have every muscle tight from arms, back, core, and glutes. Favorite chick flick: I really enjoy P. I Love You. Gerard Butler is the man! Fitness philosophy: Balance! If you focus on only one area in fitness, then you will be neglecting the others, which will affect your overall health.

There is no one diet, one type of workout, or one formula that works for everyone. Find what you enjoy and what works for you, not what people tell you works and not what the latest fitness fad is.

Fitness philosophy: You want the results, got to put in the work and grind it out. Hard work pays off. Best race time: Olympic triathlon Biggest gym pet peeve: When people are done working out and don't put away the weight or equipment that they used, that really grinds my gears. Proudest fitness accomplishment: My proudest is recovering from knee surgery faster than the doctors, physical therapists, and family members thought I would, and in time to compete at the biggest Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament, the IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

Fitness philosophy: There is a simple equation to fitness: weight training, cardio, and diet. E-Z Rock Favorite post-workout snack: grams of sweet potato Celebrity crush: Mila Kunis Working out with your woman: it is definitely a good idea. It gives you something fun you can do with your girl.

Exercise women look sexiest doing: Straight-leg deadslifts Relationship status: In a relationship Facebook: Alec Rosenberg. Fitness philosophy: Have goals and make small, realistic adjustments that will help you accomplish them.

Make more goals and don't be afraid to fail. Even if you come up short, you made an effort to achieve something great for yourself and have improved in the process.

Remember that there is no competition. You are where you are; now focus on being the better version of you! Biggest gym pet peeve: I loathe those people who find it okay to walk directly between two people who are in the middle of a workout, especially when there are clear and open paths around them. Proudest fitness accomplishment: First was when I was named co-captain of my college football team. To be elected leader by peers who respect your work ethic and drive is completely humbling.

The second was becoming a Chicago Golden Gloves Boxing Champion after only a year of experience in the sport. Hidden talent: I'm a pretty good salsa dancer! Exercise women look sexiest doing: Squats. No debating. When done properly, a woman doing squats will make my top lip quiver and make me shed a single tear.

Favorite quality in a woman: Confidence. If she can shake your hand, look you in the eye, smile, and give you all the reason to make you remember her, she is halfway home. It just so happens that those who are most confident are the ones who care most about their health and well-being. It will humble any gentleman who doesn't take it regularly. Fitness philosophy: Fitness is a never-ending battle; you'll never beat it.

Identify what you want, work hard every day to get there, and once you've achieved your goal, it's time to start over with a new one. Embrace the process, the pain, and the struggle, and understand that you can always be better. Proudest fitness accomplishment: Doing CrossFit's infamous "Fran" workout in 2 minutes and 40 seconds Hidden talent: I can draw anything in front of me. Favorite post-workout snack: Green drink Most overhyped fitness craze: Whatever the latest "supplement" is Celebrity crush: Tom Brady Working out with your woman: I love working out with my girl, I'm always trying to impress her.

If you love to work out, there's nothing better than having the love of your life right there with you. Fitness philosophy: "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. Oy vey. Proudest fitness accomplishment: Learning how to surf. It's something I always wanted to do as a kid. As an adult, I just never set aside the time, partially because I was afraid to fail. Last summer I got over that fear. You can find out a lot about someone with the way they work out.

You find out if your personalities match, if they're open-minded, if they're open to new things, how they handle conflict, determination Fitness philosophy: Think of fitness like a table with four legs, each of which is important in taking care of your body and improving performance: proper sleep, diet, exercise, and hydration.

If any of these legs is missing, even just one, the table falls over. Same with your health. Biggest gym pet peeve: Not wiping down the equipment and not taking plates off after you're done with a piece of equipment. It shows you don't understand proper gym etiquette. And, it drives me f-ing nuts. I was up against some really big, strong guys, and I was right behind the top three finishers.

Hidden talent: I can sing and play guitar. Favorite post-workout snack: Vanilla protein mixed with orange Gatorade powder and almond milk, chilled. It's like drinking an orange cream pop. Working out with your woman: Great idea; your woman should be your best friend. If you can't work out with her, there is most likely a bigger problem.

Exercise women look sexiest doing: Romanian deadlift. If I even have to explain this to you, then it tells me you don't work out. Favorite quality in a woman: There are many I love a woman who cares about her body and takes care of it. Someone who is smart, has a good sense of humor, and can handle sarcasm. Fitness philosophy: Eat well, train hard, and be nice to people.

I guess you can say that's just my life philosophy. My goal for everyone I get the chance to work with is to help them make the rest of their life the best of their life. No matter if they want to drop some weight, get their sexy back, or look like Rambo, I want them to enjoy the process and make it a fun lifestyle they can take with them for the rest of their life. I take great pride in the relationships we have helped build and lives we have enriched.

Celebrity crush: Rosario Dawson Working out with your woman: Lifting, no. Anything else—stadium stairs, sprints, riding bike—love having her as a live-in training partner. Exercise women look sexiest doing: Deadlifts Favorite quality in a woman: My favorite quality in anyone is "being nice"—coming with a smile, being positive, and creating value in others people's lives. Fitness philosophy: Find someone successful and do as they do.

What type of look are you going for? Find a role model and follow a similar training routine. Which is reassuring in more ways than one. The limbal ring — or that bit where the iris meets the white of your eye — can be a different colour to your eye, and a study by Darren Peshek at the University of California found that men with a dark limbal ring were perceived as more attractive.

Fancy working out the maths? Great, hulking upper arms may have once been the sign of an alpha male, but these days women are more into Ryan Gosling than Jean-Claude Van Damme. Sucker for a great smile? The study showed that women associated a man with a sultry expression with status, competence and the ability to provide.

Strong and silent it is, then. In a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers made a discovery that should influence your gym routine. The study asked women to select their preferred body type from a selection of 3-D figures. While women did often opt for taller and better-endowed figures typical… , the scientists also found a surprise runaway hit — a strong shoulder-to-hip ratio.

In other words, having a broad, V-shaped back will make you more attractive. Form an orderly queue at the pull-down machine.