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Imagine. Problem. Break Free. Needy. EXPLICIT. Tattooed Heart. Love Me Harder Paroles, paroles Adulte et sexy Sexion d'Assaut. Sexion D'assaut - Problèmes D'adultes (Paroles) was published on 10th april at am. Q=maitre gims un enfants avec probleme dadulte mp3 song. Probleme D'adulte - Sexion D'assaut - Parole. TheMegaParoles. Loading Unsubscribe from TheMegaParoles? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working.

Sexion D'assaut: Probleme D'adulte By Mantoos!! Si vous aimez abonnez vous et mettez des pouces verts!!!!!:) Paroles. Into You. Problem. Sweetener. EXPLICIT. Love Me Harder. Tattooed Heart Paroles, paroles. DUET Adulte et sexy Sexion d'Assaut. mindless behavior. 12 subscribers. Subscribe · sexion d'assaut: probleme d'​adulte (parole). Info. Shopping. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Tap to unmute.

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Why peaceful protests work. Why bhagavad gita is banned in russia, Definition of movie soundtracks music. How long do guitar amps last! David strolls around Bir-Hakeim and then takes refuge in a thick forest. A wolf appears, black for him, white for her, both with blue eyes. It is at the moment when she takes her bath that appears a majestic white wolf, that she tries a little later to touch through the bay window.

Millennial universe where the white widow evolves, shimmers and reflects and where we can see the trees crying through the glass, another reflection screen: that of Johnny. Johnny is also present in the physical resemblance traits on David's face. And what about the symbolic value of a coffee cup found in both clips Beyond the legal battle, the Hallyday clan shares much more: a common imagination. The first concert of the tour is scheduled for June 1, at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester central England.

The group will then perform in Coventry on the 3rd, Sunderland on the 6th, Edinburgh on the 8th, Bristol on the 10th and finally on the Wembley Stadium in London on the 15th of June.

The tickets will go on sale on November 10th. Victoria Beckham, who had participated in the initial adventure, will not be part of the project. However, it will probably miss the one known as Posh, Victoria Beckham, who has since become a respected fashion designer in the world of fashion. Posh did not hide that his membership of the Spice Girls had been "a very important part of his life".

The pop group, created by casting in , wants to "bring back to the front of the stage our message of friendship and love and the" girl power "seems more relevant than ever," they said in a statement.

He had separated in after the recording of their third album, Forever to meet again for a world tour in , then at the closing ceremony of the London Summer Olympics, in , and on the occasion of the launch of the musical Viva Forever!

No date in Europe however. It remains to cross the Channel! J ohnny Hallyday 's posthumous album, "My country is love," sold , copies in one week, a record, while it was released on October 19, The opus of Johnny Hallyday still beats records. It sold , copies in one week cumulative physical and digital sales , a historical figure and a record in France for a start, announced Friday, October 26 his record company Warner Music France.

I feel a great pride for all the teams who have worked on this very particular and moving production, " he continues. From its first day of marketing, the album had already become a diamond disc with more than , copies sold in three days.

And if "My country is love", 51st opus of Johnny, became the biggest commercial success of the singer? If the first title of the album will benefit from a clip, there will be no release except single, said Sebastien Farran. Neither concert-tribute. The cinemas of the CGR group and the radio station RTL will organize listening in 20 cities for 51 fans, in reference to the number of albums of the singer.

It was difficult to hear his voice, his lyrics taking a different meaning. We cried a lot. I never thought I could do anything that hard by making music, "said Maxim Nucci, known on stage as Yodelice. The specialized journalists had the chance to discover the record this Monday afternoon in the premises of Warner.

And what was the role of Laeticia Hallyday, always very invested in the career of her husband, in the development of this last work? I think she has been there constantly since the beginning of the albums I'm working on, in a process of comforting Johnny. Because the singer "had many doubts," he continued. And it is especially on the image of the singer that his widow always invested herself: "She is artistic director sic of the image She gives the options of styling, she gives the options of directors video, it gives photographers options A Laeticia Halliday also ensure the promotion of the album and return to the conditions of its recording, made in the last weeks of the life of the singer.

A balancing act for Laeticia Hallyday who will also have to improve her personal image. It is a legend of the French song that leaves us. The press officers of Charles Aznavour announced Monday, October 1, the death of the singer at the age of 94 years. Recognized singer, Charles Aznavour will also have a career in cinema playing in 63 films.

World star he had his star on the "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood in In , Charles Aznavour went back to the world who wanted to sing until he was years old. His notoriety took off in , with the remix of a title of the Australian group Cookin 'on 3 Burners, This Girl, which reached for several weeks the top sales in France. He had started studies in business management and administration at the IUT of Aix-en-Provence he abandons then it is understood to create his production box. He won a Victoire de la musique, in the electro album category, against Justice and Jean-Michel Jarre.

In gentleman. Kungs is the translation into Latvian. Ariana Grande's former boyfriend is said to have succumbed to an overdose at her home in San Fernando, California on Friday, Sept.

An untimely death at the age of only 26 years old. The singer had gained a worldwide celebrity in the headlines with his drug problems, his affair with pop star Ariana Grande, and several hits, including one dedicated to Donald Trump, before he became president. As the sites TMZ and Variety indicate, the interpreter of Donald Trump had drug problems and had opened, especially since his break with the singer Ariana Grande last May. In a documentary released in , Mac Miller made no secret of his addictions, recalls the Hollywood Reporter : "I get high, let's be clear.

I get high to death, again, all the time. It will never stop. But I control my life. But am I an addict? No, " he told Rolling Stone magazine. The young man has never hidden from his addictions to drugs and alcohol, admitting to Complex magazine an addiction to a drug mix of codeine and promethazine that rappers call "lean " or "purple drank".

The rapper was also arrested at this time for drunk driving after a traffic accident. Her ex-girlfriend tweeted, "Please, take care of yourself. But this dependence had consumed the rupture of her relationship with Ariana Grande as she had not hidden it.

On Twitter, she said last May that she had "tried to support her sobriety and prayed for her balance for years," adding , "I'm not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that she must be.

In duet with her, he had signed a worldwide success, "My Favorite Part". He was above all an atypical rapper with his retro and sometimes psychedelic hip-hop and his social background, a photographer mother and an architect father. He had grown up in a middle-class neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Even if Mac Miller uses all the gansta hardware, for example using the word "bitch" galore, he describes himself as "a son to mom" , who found his balance thanks to the love of women. And it was at the age of 14 that he started rapping, according to the Complex website. A gifted, self-taught and versatile musician, he plays several instruments and in , his debut album, Blue Side Park, rose to the top of hip-hop album sales.

His songs offer a minimalist sound with a powerful rhythm reminiscent of the rap of the 80s His song about Donald Trump, seen tens of millions of times, made him known to all Americans, when he was not even 20 years old.

Mac Miller was preparing to go on tour in the United States after the release of his most recent album, Swimming. It was scheduled to begin October 27 in San Francisco. The show is going to be special every night. I wish it starts tomorrow. Their pitched battle had turned a lobby of the Parisian airport of Orly arena in early August and delayed several flights: Booba and Kaaris, sworn enemies of French rap, are tried Thursday for a brawl that has already earned them three weeks in prison.

At the helm, Okou Gnakouri, aka Kaaris, began to apologize. Plaid shirt, air relaxed, Booba did not make any comment to him before the examination of the video surveillance of the airport. Up to ten years in prison. Nine members of their respective clans involved in the fight are also being prosecuted for aggravated violence and robbery. All face up to 10 years in prison.

Since their release, Booba and Kaaris have each paid a deposit of 30, euros, are forbidden to leave France and stand in check. The trial of the two rivals takes place in the excitement. The hearing takes place in the usual room reserved for the assizes, under strong police protection, fully full. The first hours of hearing were marked by a false start, for lack of interpreter for one of the defendants. Faced with the investigators, the two former accomplices who became rivals had played the card of "legitimate defense" to justify their bloody August 1st.

That day, they have to take the same plane to Barcelona where they are each expected on stage that night, in two separate clubs. But in the departure lounge, the hatred between the two rappers explodes. For several years, "B2O" and his former colt "K2A" - they collaborated in on the title "Kalash" - are inviting on social networks and video interposed.

Stunned passengers. A seven against four, the Booba clan faces that of Kaaris, surrounded by stunned passengers and their smartphones. The nearby duty free shop serves as a projectile tank. Appraisal: a few minor injuries, several flights delayed and more than 50' euros of injury. According to the police, the video surveillance of the airport shows that Booba carried the first blow. But in custody, the rapper claimed to have received a projectile while he was trying to "get around" Kaaris.

Kaaris brought insults, which targeted him, his wife and daughter, and preceded the beatings. Called to the bar right after, Booba plays down. Even politicians win over each other. At about 8 pm, the proceedings continued in court. The judgment could be rendered in the night. The two rappers and their relatives are sentenced to ten years in prison. B TS has just won a new record held so far by the One Direction. As reported by Billboard, BTS is the first group since to have two albums number one in a calendar year.

Love Yourself: Answer. This is not the only record held by BTS. Idol has since been viewed more than million times. There is a new version of this title with American singer Nicki Minaj.

Rap's Barbie shares an alternative version of the song Idol, in duet with the South Korean K-pop band that has just unveiled their new album. Known for their own teenage look, their first-time Beatles-style bowls and their choreography, the Seven Boys have risen to the top of US album sales with their LoveYourself: Tear released on May 18 last.

Consisting of seven unreleased songs and other titles already featured in Tear, released in the spring, Answer is the latest installment in their series of albums titled Love Yourself. It's impossible not to succumb to the charm and magnetism of this band, confirming the popularity of K-Pop South Korean pop , a musical genre that is being exported more and more, better and better.

In France too, the phenomenon is growing: "What strikes you is that K-Pop fans in France come from very different backgrounds. From music to visual and choreography, K-Pop brings together everything.

Tomorrow, be sure, we will all be K-Pop. See you on October 19th and 20th in Paris. Et vous qu'en pensez-vous? Transparent, low-cut, shiny dresses Like every year in August, the American television channel MTV organizes its Video Music Awards rewarding the best of pop music as well as the best music videos. A breathtaking show with lots of surprises!! After playing the game of photographers taking the pose, nominees and guests took the direction of the Radio City Music Hall stage to start the sh ow.

It was rapper Cardi B who opened the show by winning the "best song of the summer" award for her hit with million views on YouTube, "I Like It". As the title of her new album indicates, Queen, Minaj, draped in a gigantic pink dress, has arrived as Queen on a golden throne singing "Majesty" and "Barbie Dreams". At the presentation of his new title "One Day", the rapper Logic, preferred him to take a stand against the family separation policy led by the Trump administration.

Jennifer Lopez to receive the Video Vanguard Award. For her return, she performed excerpts from her most famous piece. The show of the year-old singer has left more than a stink! The American has chained her tubes, from the most recent to the oldest. Later, the star became the first artist of Latin descent to receive the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, which rewards the success of a musical career. Just before announcing the winner of the Video of the Year the most coveted statuette of the ceremony , singer Madonna wished to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, who died on August 16 at the age of And I know she has influenced so many people in this room tonight.

And I want to thank you, Aretha, for giving us this strength. She added. Another tribute, that of Rita Ora to Avicii. Winner of the best dance clip for Lonely Together on which she worked with the DJ, the singer had a thought for her friend tragically disappeared earlier in the year. Camila Cabello: the Video of the Year! The evening ended with the traditional award of the Video of the Year, the most prestigious statuette that rewards the best music video.

Madonna presented the award to the new pop princess, Camila Cabello, for the clip of her hit "Havana". His music video This is America was not only named best choreography and best performance but was also voted best clip containing a message.

The rewards:. Willy William. Since , Aretha Franklin has been battling cancer. She died Thursday, August 16, announced his family in a text sent to the press by his agent Gwendolyn Quinn. We lost the matriarch and the rock of our family. The queen of soul leaves behind beautiful moments of music. Throughout his career, Aretha Franklin has collaborated with the greatest and inspired generations of aspiring artists. It's 33 studio albums, 75 million records sold.

With her goes the most majestic and impressive female voice in the history of soul music: "I lost my song, this girl took it from me. It was with the indignant compliments of the author, Otis Redding, that the rise of a young woman who had literally dispossessed the star of soul music was hailed in the spring of Aretha Franklin was born on March 25, in Memphis, Tennessee.

She has three sisters and two brothers. She will spend most of her life in Detroit, Michigan. Clarence LaVaughn Franklin, his father, is a Baptist pastor, civil rights activist. The Franklin sisters, follow very early the example of their mother, Barbara, gospel singer. A12, they are promoted to the rank of first part and make their first record when Aretha is just 14 years old. Aretha was immersed in the world of gospel as his father, pastor, was an outstanding musician.

Let us not forget that sermon and song are indissociable. At the Franklin's, the father also receives the big names of gospel like those of the soul, Sam Cooke and Dinah Washington. Aretha Franklin is spotted by John H. Hammond, an experienced producer who will have her sign at Columbia Records in , but Aretha, with no record success, joins Atlantic Records alongside Jerry Wexler.

From March to January , she recorded no less than six albums. In May , his recovery of Respect Otis Redding rose to the top of charts. The queen of soul is born. In the early s, the singer returns to gospel sounds with the album Amazing Grace. The same year, Aretha Franklin signs at Arista Records. The collaboration gives rise to pieces of success, resolutely modern as United Together.

In the s, she collaborated with many artists. Aretha Franklin returns to the front of the stage after a year break in with A Rose is Still a Rose, her first original album since At the discovery of her pain, the diva cancels numerous concerts and limits her public appearances. However, she continues her artistic activity as well as with the album Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics in She resumes soul songs to success, as Rolling in the Deep Adele.

The album celebrates the 50th anniversary of its signing at Atlantic Records. She performed her Atlantic hits alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The audience was able to see her one last time on stage in November , during a concert for the Elton John Foundation in New York.

She sang the American anthem in the Super Bowl final in On January 20, , she was chosen to sing at the inauguration ceremony of the new American president, Barack Obama. Aretha Franklin remains an African American icon. From her first successes, the queen of soul has a committed tone carrying the voice of revolt. Aretha Franklin had made Respect a universal anthem for equality. Black versus white at the time of the Civil Rights Movement of Martin Luther King, but also that of the woman regardless of her skin color to the man.

A commitment to racial equality, civil rights and the fight for gender equality also: on April 9, she sings at the funeral of Martin Luther King. Throughout her career, she democratizes the RnB without renouncing his identity. The queen of soul at the huge career was the mother of four sons and had known several love stories.

During her successful life, Aretha Franklin has had three great love stories. The first, with Ted White, a friend of his family who became his manager at the beginning of his career. They are married in At the time, Aretha Franklin is already the mother of two children, Clarence and Edward. The "Queen of Soul" found love in the years , the arm of William "Willie" His disappointments are a theme recurrent in the musical universe of the artist. She tended to "trust men who did not deserve it," according to producer Jerry Wexler.

With it goes the most majestic and most impressive four octaves female voice in the history of soul music. The star has set his sights on the ancient Moroccan city to gather his family around a large table:. Madonna will dress up with many accessories from Berber culture.

This fashion icon has been validated by designer Donatella Versace in a commentary under her photos. On his Instagram account, the Like a Virgin performer was very excited to celebrate his birthday. An event she would most certainly like to celebrate with her two sons, Rocco, her youngest son, aged 18, and her second son, David Banda, with whom she was visiting Malawi in Africa last year as a result adoption of the child in At the time, the singer was still married to Guy Ritchie.

In her Story, she shared photos of some of her daughters present at her side, such as Stella and Estere. Forty years on stage: The so-called "queen of pop" has already recorded a dozen studio albums, shot in more than twenty films, and sold more than million records. The secret of its longevity:. In , Madonna enjoyed international success with Like a Virgin, her second album.

In , change of style for Madonna with Frozen. Gothic style with a clip directed by Chris Cunningham. And then all his provocations, with the cross on stage, a side very sex too, especially with his book titled SEX. True Blue, very big tube of the s had a very old-fashioned pop side. She influenced pop culture. World star and sacred monster, Madonna blows Thursday her 60 candles and still fascinates as much.

Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Logic and Ryan Tedder are going to make the show and an audience of stars of the song will be waiting for a reward. They will be found at Radio City Hall in New York for this long-awaited music ceremony, which will award numerous awards for video clips of the stars of the song.

Jennifer Lopez will of course be the one who will open this 34th edition with a show that can already be imagined. Next to Jennifer Lopez, other big stars will perform their biggest titles in front of the audience.

Starting with Ariana Grande. The year-old who still suffers from the trauma of the Manchester bombing will play a few songs from her new album Sweetener. August 20 next live ceremony. The evening will be on August 4, from pm, and of course the entrance is free but it would be rather careful to think about booking especially if you want to enjoy the restoration!

For my part I will be in the morning reporting in Luxembourg in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but I will not fail to be present at pm August 4, , I admit that the use of a small single-engine aircraft greatly helps travel in the international press, but already we know that some people are going to come more than km to be present at this evening event!

So fast to your reservation!!! Lyrics are marrying the scenery: when we hear the text "I can not believe we made it? Her dress unfolds in great white waves similar to the wings of the goddess who is given as messenger of Victory. Once again, we hear it clamored between four walls: "I can not believe we made it.

The choreographies are launched with the dancers in front of the Rite of Napoleon painted by the neoclassical Jacques-Louis David. The choreography, the gestures of the singer, the couple, the dancers and other guests, sometimes tend to be based on those fixed in oil and eternity. The painting of the romantic Ary Scheffer - The shadows of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta appear to Dante and Virgil - shows us two cursed and entwined white lovers and resonates with this embrace of two contemporary black lovers.

This couple had visited the museum four years ago for a private visit. Not everyone can go to the island of Saint Barthelemy, become a place of pilgrimage for the fans of the singer who is buried there since December 11, , the fans found as rallying point the church of the Madeleine.

This anniversary mass is an initiative of Bruno Horaist, parish priest of the Madeleine, who organizes a tribute mass to Johnny every 9th since the funeral. Hymns like the "Doors of the penitentiary", "Hold the night" or "I love you" punctuate the ceremony.

David Hallyday and Laura Smet, for their part, paid tribute to their father who died of cancer on December 5, In the morning, Laura unveiled a photo of her wrist with a tattooed eagle.

In legend, a "I love you". David also chose the same symbol to honor his father's memory. The year-old singer writes: "This day, not like any other, unfortunately resembles all the others I miss you every moment". Their father had an eagle tattooed on the biceps and the 29th studio album is titled "Somewhere an eagle".

It's his album, he did it. A personal album that corresponds to him so much. Marine Le Pen sees an "incitement to Islamist fundamentalism" while Laurent Wauquiez denounces a " sacrilege for the victims, a disgrace for France", hatched by an " individual On the Twitter social network on Sunday, the Bataclan and Medina hashtags have been used extensively.

The year-old Le Havre singer is accused by critics of hate speech and apology for Islamism. Polygamous is much better than friend Strauss-Kahn" or " I put fatwas on the heads of the idiots. The rapper had to crack a forum on the website of the Obs to condemn the killing and defend himself by the same. I chose the path of non-violence as the majority of my fellow citizens through music to express my disagreements with my society.

The association of victims of the attacks of November 13 Life for Paris reacted on Twitter, recalling that the Bataclan was "completely free of its programming, under the control of the police headquarters of Paris" and that it would let "nobody exploit the memory of the victims of the attacks for political purposes, as is the case in this case ".

For the moment, Medina has not communicated on the controversy. It's terrible. We have forty years of friendship, " Catherine Lara reacted on Europe 1. She had found Maurane "tired" during their last meeting.

She seemed to be much better from that point of view, " she added. From Montreal, singer Lara Fabian has hailed a "rare" artist, "bigger than music". Maurane is known since the late s for his participation in a new version of the musical Starmania co-produced by Michel Berger.

She had put her career in brackets in because of "vocal cord problems". But she had just begun her return. She had herself announced this return in recent days on social networks. I will not tell you in what state I am You must be aware, " she wrote last Thursday on his Facebook page, before a party devoted to Brel in Wallonia. Maurane was preparing a tour for the spring of , in the wake of an album dedicated to Jacques Brel that was to come out in the fall on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of death.

A first single should come out this summer," she added on Facebook. In , she had released a more serious album, after the disappearance of her father, called You of the world, with one of his most beautiful titles, The Man who missed me the most. After a duet with Lara Fabian, You're my other, in , she released a collective album with friends, When the human dance.

She begins a breathtaking tour in France and Belgium. She had given one last concert Sunday night and was preparing a tribute album for the forty years of the death of Jacques Brel.

Renowned Maurane will also be missed for his outspokenness and his angry shots. After a period of absence due to health problems, a vocal cord surgery, she came back on stage taking the songs of the Jacques Brel recital while performing her greatest hits.

His death does not seem very normal an autopsy will be practiced a judicial inquiry can be opened. We will always think of her in relation to the success of her the interpretation of Starmania,. Also with his song, his album Morane, on a prelude of Bach, One for the other, Armstrong. Then the famous Armstrong tube sung in duet with Laura Fabian You are my other. The variety loses a great voice. The cult tube performer of the 80s died at age 65 in the night of Sunday to Monday after a long illness.

After the release of several singles in the 70s, Rose Laurens, whose real name was Rose Podwojny, played in the musical Les Miserables in She released her first album in , Derisonnable gold record , written by her companion, the composer Jean-Pierre Goussaud. It is on this album that the title Africa has been published, which has sold more than one million copies.

Jean-Pierre Goussaud, composer of the singer, was also her husband from until his death in cancer. The song "Survive", launched in , was Rose's first hit on a music composed by her husband.

They were thousands of people, musicians and admirers, to pay tribute Saturday in Stockholm to the Swedish prodigy Avicii, one of the most famous DJs of the electro scene, the day after his death at the age of 28 in Oman. Considered one of the best DJs in the world, Tim Bergling, his real name, was found dead on Friday in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, where he had been on vacation with friends for a few days.

An Omani police source said that "there is no criminal track retained" for the death of the star. The police in this Gulf country has "all the information about the death" of the year-old DJ, but "refuses to make them public for reasons of confidentiality" at the request of the family,. Thousands of people, often young, gathered on Saturday afternoon in Sergels Torg Square, in the center of the Swedish capital, where its most popular titles were broadcast.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, the Stockholm clubs observed a minute of silence and the Ericsson Globe, one of Stockholm's largest arenas that he had filled three nights in a row in , projected his name on his facade. Avicii was notably known to the general public for his song Wake Me Up with singer Aloe Blacc in The Swede has risen twice in third place in the ranking of the best DJs in the world, in and , according to DJ Magazine, the reference in the field. In recent years, the Swede had made no secret of his health problems, such as pancreatitis, due to excessive alcohol consumption.

He had announced in that he would rank the decks and no longer mix on stage. His song Levels, released in and built around a sample of the American soul singer Etta James, earned him two Grammy nominations. His stage name came from the Sanskrit word designating one of the Buddhist hell circles, to which he added an "i" for stylistic reasons. T he singer died at age 57 on April 21, died of an overdose of fentanyl, a very powerful analgesic.

The US justice said Thursday, April 19, it would not initiate criminal proceedings at the end of the investigation into the circumstances of Prince's death. Meanwhile, the US Department of Justice announced an amicable agreement with Michael Todd Schulenberg, the doctor who had treated Prince twice before his death.

The family did not want to communicate about the causes of his death. Caviar for the others released in At once a whimsical mountebank, a flamboyant poet, this unrepentant dreamer advanced in life "with an open heart, a head elsewhere, in a state of weightlessness". But mostly free. For 50 years, he has crossed our discography landscape of rock, folk, experimental or song Poet surge, generous, committed, Jacques Higelin has been the author of such hits as Pars, Champagne or Fallen from the sky.

The incarnation of the revival of the French song. At Jacques Higelin, everything was allowed, especially happiness. There was a time, in his debut, where he played the dandy rocker. As the years passed, his kingdom was peopled with simple melodies.

Close to a certain lightness. Like Charles Trenet, of course, singer of an era forever gone, of which Jacques will probably remain the only one Born in , he began his artistic career at the theater in the early 60s, before meeting musicians Areski and Brigitte Fontaine, with whom he embodied a revival of French song in the mid-sixties.

Passing from poetry to rock with the same ease, he had celebrated in October his fifty years of career with Higelin 75, his last album to date. His ultimate album, seems marked by long titles like this striking Timetable on the time spent and the "loveliness of life", or even the shocking J'fume who scans the inevitable decadence;.

Higelin has always revolted, and in some of his songs he mentions problems of society, undocumented migrants, and economic difficulties, and has repeatedly engaged himself with the homeless and fixed.

He was one of those artists on the Left. T en titles from Johnny Hallyday's posthumous album have been unveiled. This is a letter from Warner, his record company, addressed to the singer who contains the titles of the songs of the disc in question. Fans of Johnny Hallyday waiting for the release of his posthumous album will be most enthusiastic.

Here are the titles:. This was the case of Johnny. It is he who set the hearts of a whole generation on fire and unleashed a kind of revolution. And we have all followed, " said the singer, her voice shattered by emotion. Our duets reflected our tumultuous life. Even though life separated us later, nothing could ever alter our love and the respect we had for each other, " added Sylvie Vartan.

Sylvie Vartan has taken a dozen hits from Johnny Hallyday including "Que je t'aime" , their love song, but also "Gabrielle", "Noir, c'est noir" and "Sang pour Sang" , written by their son David.

A show that lives up to the expectations of its fans. I can not realize. We had a lot of projects going on. He had just recorded a record with his wife, soprano Patricia Petibon, " personally reacted Christophe Deghelt. The jazzman, born February 11, in Calais, in the north of France, was bathed from an early age in the world of music with a father music teacher and elder brother Francis, jazz pianist. At 17, the violinist started in the legendary band Magma, the leading group of progressive rock in France.

Virtuoso violin he has tried in many styles: electric jazz-fusion, acoustic jazz, gypsy jazz, jazz and classical music. During his career, Didier Lockwood has created two operas, concertos for violin, piano and orchestra, lyric poems and other symphonic pieces, as well as film and cartoon music. Very involved in music education and author of a jazz violin learning method, he created in the Didier Lockwood Music Center in Dammarie-les-Lys Seine-et-Marne , a school of music.

This 33rd edition, officially dedicated to the memory of Johnny Hallyday, was due to pay tribute to the rocker who died on December 5th with the duo of Slimane and Florent Pagny performing Requiem for a madman. Video archives are projected that also come back on the ten victories won by Johnny during his career. But the evening was marked by the triumph of the rapper Caen, equaling Stromae who had tripled in Note the omnipresence of urban music that are hip-hop and rap.

The change is done! The revelation album of the year was awarded to Juliette Armanet for Girlfriend. Visibly moved, the singer launched a big "Thank you! In terms of history, we will remember the box full of Oreslan. Lastly, Etienne Daho was honored with a Victory of Honor for his year career and his score of nominations for Victoires de la musique.

In , the author of Weekend in Rome released his eleventh album, Blitz, gold record. Let's not forget Charlotte Gainsbourg's Victoire de la musique for the best female artist for her album "Rest", the fifth melancholy electro album, in which Paul McCartney and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo took part. She joins the winners of his mother Jane Birkin, crowned in , and his father Serge Gainsbourg, who had received two years earlier a Victory of Honor for his entire career.

Album of electronic music Dominique Dalcan - "Temperance". Audiovisual creation Orelsan - "Basic". Original song Bigflo and Oli - "Shame". The 60th edition of the Oscars of Music rewarded the greatest artists, albums and performances of the year but did not fail to return to the turbulent political year one year after the inauguration of Donald Trump and on the protest movement against violence against women.

The singer then played a powerful version of Millions Reasons under the approving cries of the room. The flamboyant winner Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars is the big winner of the evening, followed closely by rapper Kendrick Lamar. The American artist Bruno Mars, king of funk and soul, has won six trophies, including three in the general categories called major. The rapper opened the ceremony with the interpretation of his title XXX, with Bono of the U2 group denouncing the murders of young black men in the United States.

His stage performance ended with dancers dressed in red pretending to collapse after being hit by gunshots. Rapper Jay-Z, though nominated in 21 categories, has not won anything this year.

Bruno Mars, 32, did not fail to greet in his thank you speech Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z in the category album of the year. The arrival of Elton John caused a sensation, he who played Tiny Dancer at the Grammy Awards and filed a white rose against harassment and gender equality. He was joined by Miley Cyrus for the end of the song for a striking duet.

Miley Cyrus did not fail to thank the British artist on Twitter: "Sir Elton John, I do not have the words to thank you for giving me the honor of playing with you tonight at Grammy's. The beautiful Lady Gaga. During her stage visit , Lady Gaga made a strong transformation of her piano into a giant bird, covering it with white feathers on a stage plunged into darkness.

A visual effect of all beauty!!! She sang Joanne, from her latest album, and dedicated it to her deceased aunt of Lupus in She also paid tribute to the "Time's Up" denouncing sexual harassment. On the turn of the singer and actress Janelle Monae who also pleaded against violence against women. No more unequal pay, discrimination, harassment in all its forms, and abuse of power, " said the singer. The singer presented the performance of Kesha whose song Praying refers to his battle against the producer Dr.

Luke she accuses of having raped her. This start is not the only sequence with a political dimension. Another singer, Camila Cabello, paid tribute to the "Dreamers" , children of illegal immigrants whose protection is challenged by President Donald Trump. She herself, she recalled, arrived child of Cuba with her poor parents.

The Irish band U2 also performed in front of the Statue of Liberty, filming themselves on a raft stage. He recalled the poem engraved at its base that invites all immigrants to New York and the United States. After singing the song "Get Your Own Way" from the album Songs of Experience, singer Bono recited : "Bless be the shitty countries" , referring to the alleged words of Donald Trump who made scandal in early January.

The humorous Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump's ears must have whistled when presenter James Corden had both singers and Hillary Clinton read passages from the controversial Fire and Fury book released in early January, describing in detail and with animosity the Trump daily at home. That's why he liked to eat at McDonald's. Nobody knew he was coming and the food was prepared in advance.

She declaims. From this highly politicized ceremony we will remember the coronation of Bruno Mars and the messages of hope launched by artists like the Canadian Alessia Cara who won the first of the four major trophies, that of "Revelation of the Year". His disappearance did not provoke the shock wave of the death of Johnny Hallyday, but it nevertheless moved a large number of admirers from around the world who were numerous to testify of their immense sadness.

Pianist, singer, choirmaster, composer, the artist, who was originally a keyboardist, has participated in many groups of Gospels. The best known of the gospels that he interpreted was: "Oh! Happy Day! His mother being a singer, Edwin Hawkins began singing at the age of seven.

He first accompanied the musical ensemble of the American Pentecostal Church of his parish, a group attended by several members of his family. In , he teamed up with Betty Watson to record in two voices "Oh!

Happy Day. This gospel figured in 8th position on the recording disc. They hoped to sell about The song was a hit as soon as radio stations in San Francisco Bay programmed it on their channels. The piece was recreated and rearranged a few years later, in This time, the number of discs passed exceeded 7 million.

Hawkins came from a family of musicians: his mother was, besides singer, pianist while his father played guitar Hawaiian. It was used in background music in the movie "Sister Act" with Whoopi Goldberg. Edwin Hawkins has won 4 grammies awards in his career as an artist. Edwin Hawkins once told his agent that "originally, he did not think about getting into the music industry and trying to sign with a record company, but that Oh Happy Day was a piece that had defined his destiny, while leading him on this path.

The family is "devastated" and demands respect for their private life. After twenty years of marriage with Don Burton, the couple divorced in In the spring of , the singer said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Together, he will get an international fame and will make five albums. Their first album, released in , Everybody Else is Doing It , so Why can not We, their success is fast, thanks to the single Linger.

The group became one of the most popular of the time with the following disc, No need To Argue , carried by the hits Ode to My Family and Zombie. The song that perfectly illustrates the glory of the Cranberries is the world-famous single Zombie single, with instantly recognizable guitar riffs and Dolores O'Riordan's sharp and powerful vocals. A song that refers to modern Irish history marked by Easter insurrection of Other hits like Just My Imagination or Animal Instinct amplify the celebrity band that has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide.

The third, To The Faithful Departed will not have the same success and will mark the beginning of a popular and artistic decline. In out of inspiration, the group decided to take a break. And then, from the creative point of view, we were in a rut. We needed a break, " said Dolores O'Riordan in The band breaks up, the singers wanting to devote themselves to their solo career.

The singer will release two albums in the wake, "Are you listening" in and "No Baggage" in Barely a few years later, each one having traced their own road, the group is reforming itself in and is on world tour a few months ago The album Roses is released in Their last album, Something Else released last year is a reinterpretation of their hits with the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

Several concerts had to be canceled, the problems of the back of the singer being evoked. In this film there is a lot of self-mockery that is very funny musical winks. The story is based on the financial woes of the company 80 which is held by Vincent played by Richard Anconina and Antoine who is none other than Patrick Timsit. So to save the society they love as their baby they ask the stars of the 80s to come back for a final concert at the Stade de France that will allow them to repay their debts.

A nice light film where there is no need to think you just have to let yourself be carried. Achievement and the scenario is by Thomas Langmann. The premiere was organized at the Olympia presentation of actors on music on stage then the film is finally a concert with the singers of the 80s do not forget the brunettes do not count for plums but the hysteria of the room was for Sabrina boy's boy's then for the song of Lahaye Women that I like Jean-Philippe Smet died on the night of December 5, I write these words without believing.

And yet, that's it. My man is gone, "laments his wife. It was a beast of the stage. A legend of the French song. Johnny Hallyday died of lung cancer on the night of Tuesday 5th to Wednesday 6th December, leaving France in mourning. But not only. The press around the world pays tribute to him on Wednesday morning.

Born June 15, , the French rock superstar has just died at age Mon Dieu. La jeune chanteuse Barbara Weldens est morte en plein concert ce mercredi. Il venait de donner un concert avec Soundgarden au Fox Theatre. On ne quitte pas la plage. Tendre et sexy. T he final of the 62nd edition of the European song competitio n will feature 26 artists, including Alma for France, Saturday night in Kiev! Rhythmic ballad, with pop accents, it is with the song "Requiem" that Alma will try to win the victory for France Saturday May 13 at the Eurovision.

The girl with the redoubtable charm decided to dedicate herself to the song, her diploma of commerce in her pocket. The title was composed by Nazim Khaled, who also wrote "I searched" for Amir. Will she do better than Amir finishing 6th in the standings with her Eurovision song in ? Alex Florea avec Yodel it! A vec le groupe Wham!

Son engagement devient de plus en plus visible. Elle avait mis trois ans avant de le sortir. Britney Jean date en effet de novembre I did it again , Britney Chaque date affiche complet. Elle passe de plus en plus de temps avec ses fils, et ses albums renouent avec le sommet des charts Mais quel est ce jeu? Pas question pour elle et sa famille de rompre avec la tradition familiale. Qu'en est-il pour Michel Polnareff? Paul Emison pour DayNewsWorld. Il semble que Cuba est en train de changer.

Mick Jagger. La fracture culturelle est immense. Designed by DayNewsWorld. No Iframes. Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld. W hen his latest feature film An Officer and a Spy "J'accuse" is released in the cinema, the French-Polish director is again accused of rape dating back to Pamela Newton for DayNewsWorld.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld. There are no translations available. Little by little, she gives up the recordings to privilege the writing - she writes her own songs but also a book noticed: Tales and legends of my private life.

I chose an outlet job. Kelly Donaldson for DayNewsWorld. Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld. Nicknamed Arafat for his temperament With a strong temperament, the young Didier Huon is nicknamed Yasser Arafat by his Lebanese friends. At the heart of many controversies Apart from his musical success, the artist is at the center of multiple polemics.

In a video, we see the American rapper throw an individual on the ground before giving him several shots. Arrest of the American rapper in Sweden Arrested and jailed, American rapper ASAP Rocky, suspected of assault after a brawl in Sweden, will remain in detention until July 25, , the time for the prosecution to complete the investigation and ask for his possible removal for violence.

A case that becomes political with the intervention of Donald Trump His lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, said he was "disappointed" by the decision, denouncing a "disproportionate" incarceration on the facts. The President of the United States spoke on this subject on July 19, from the White House: "We will make phone calls, we will talk to them.

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld. Parity has been respected since half of the artists invited to join, this year, the ranks of the prestigious Hollywood institution are women. Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld. Philippe Cerboneschi, known as "Zdar", a member of the Cassius duo, pioneer of French electro, DJ, composer, artistic director and personality among the most appreciated of the international pop scene, died Wednesday, June 19, at the 52 years old.

And he appeared in great shape just two months after his heart surgery to replace a defective heart valve. The fans of the Rolling Stones could finally find it as they had to leave it for a while: At 75, the "grandpa of rock" is still as bouncy on stage. Removed from his emotions, the legendary year-old rocker is back on stage in great shape The overflowing artist, known in his youth for his love of the holiday, has eight children, five grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

Pop star Ed Sheeran has invited the big names of the current music industry for her 6th project which will be released on July 12 in the bins. The performer of "Shape Of You" can only satisfy his fans since yesterday afternoon, when he unveiled the official tracklist of his new baby, No. The icon of the pop unveils this Friday "Madame X", his fourteenth album.

A committed album Asked about her title I Rise, which begins with the voice of Emma Gonzalez, a young high school student who was rescued from the Parkland shooting on February 14, Madonna, an expatriate in Portugal, responds by taking a more critical look at her country of origin. She also claims, in her songs, the right to diversity, as regards her body in Fitness and Juice , her sexuality Boys , or her Afro-American origins in My Skin True tornado of positive waves, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, called Lizzo is a bit of Aretha Franklin - her neighbor Detroit where she was born - a bit of Destiny's Child - Survivor is the first CD she buys - and gospel in the background in his parents' house.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld. Most major American cities have Pei buildings, and they have left their mark around the world. Pei notably cultivated the use of reflective glass: on the Bank of China towers in Hong Kong, on the Louvre pyramid or on the east building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington He was then selected to design in Hong Kong the tower of the Bank of China, an asymmetrical glass structure.

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld. She was In Pillow Talk, released in and her first of three films with Rock Hudson, she proudly caught up with what she called "The contemporary in me". Carl Desey for DayNewsWorld. Danny Goldberg in the music business since the s, regrets that "His image in the media was a bit distorted and focused on his death disproportionately, rather than his life and work," points out one who has also taken care of another independent rock band, Sonic Youth.

The operation of the heart of the singer of the Rolling Stones was successful. A less heavy technique. Mick Jagger, 75, is currently under observation and expected to stay "four or five days" under medical supervision But the grandpa of rock should recover quickly even if a few weeks of recovery will be necessary before going back on the scene. Paul Emison for DayNewsWorld. Kelly charged with sexual assault, particularly on minors, will be filmed. The singer was released from prison on bail but will have to go to court on March Of these, nine are minors aged 13 to 16 At a press conference, Cook County prosecutor Foxx reported on the ten charges against Robert Sylvester Kelly of her real name.

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld. He was 49 years old.