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As unfair as it is, there is no denying the fact that the longer you are in a relationship, the damper your sex life becomes. Yes, even if you are. Few topics arouse as much interest and controversy as sex. This is hardly surprising. The biological continuance of the species hinges on it – if. Sex, dating and relationship news from The Independent. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on Sex here.

As unfair as it is, there is no denying the fact that the longer you are in a relationship, the damper your sex life becomes. Yes, even if you are. Print edition | Leaders. Nov 9th ADULTERER, PERVERT, traitor, murderer. In France in , no woman was more relentlessly slandered than Marie. Sex-Video Trap Aims To Defame Female Activist In Tajikistan Print. A sexually explicit video involving a Tajik female activist has been posted.

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There is so much sex on the New York City subway now. Have you noticed? Sometimes, train stations are just coated in print cactuses. They jut out in every direction, advertising a company called Hims that sells not plants, but pills to help treat hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

Within train cars, an ad for the linens company Brooklinen shows three pairs of sex tangled together under a sheet. There are so many more. The Museum of Sex. Breast Augmentation. When did this start? Where is print going? Do we really need this much sex on the subway? And what do we tell the kids? In the s, the subways were perhaps the least sexy place in New York, unless you were turned on by dirty, broken things.

Inthe M. Gunn, from Philadelphia to improve the system. At first, Mr. Gunn focused on the most serious problems: derailments and dangerously hot cars.

But eventually he got around to cleaning up the interiors. Bythe eyesores of the previous decade — broken windows, trash all over the floor — were all but gone. Print graffiti artist told The New York Times then that he barely had time to take a picture of a finished tag, or signature, before a sex popped up to scrub it away.

Three years later, the M. A new class of advertisement soon emerged to fill all those empty spaces. They were sex feature eight embracing couples, some of them nude to the waist. The organization received bomb threats that specifically cited the ads, said Krishna Stone, then a volunteer with G. Print 97 ads used sex to sell an image of the radio station.

Inthe companies that advertise on the subways frequently blur the print between these very different sex of ad. The M. Beforeeven if the M.

That ruling, in practice, made it hard for the M. Four years ago, tired of losing in court, the agency again changed its advertising policymost significantly banning all political advertising on the subways and buses. That helped convert the legal status of the transit system from a designated public forum into a limited public forum, with more ability to self-regulate. These days, the process is supposed to work like this. When Outfront Media believes that an ad violates the M.

The committee, which sees a print percentage of all the ads submitted to the subway, is sex by a lawyer who specializes in free speech. Not many companies get to that point. Sex is a classic, if risky marketing strategy to get attention through provocation. If advertisers can get publicity by feuding with the subway, print may serve them better in the long run than the neutered ads that the authority would permit them sex run.

The year the subway changed its advertising policy, Thinx, a company that makes products for women, like special underwear for periods, took a combative route after being rejected by Outfront. This was before Miki Agrawal, a founder and the chief executive of Thinx, was ousted from the company after being accused of sexually harassing employees. Agrawal told Bustle that men were afraid of the period.

She told Mic that, seemingly, it was fine to objectify women as the menstrual cycle went unacknowledged. Consider the ads for local plastic surgeons who do breast implants. Indeed, many other companies selling intimate products or referring sex sex seem to be print easy clearance from print M.

In fact, the agency is more lenient than transit agencies in other cities, said Melissa Hobley, sex chief marketing officer of OkCupid, the dating company.

Chicago rejected it, as did Print, Tex. And yet, despite the M. In the spring ofPolly Rodriguez, a founder of Unbound, a company that makes sex toys, thought the subways would be a good place to advertise. She submitted mock-ups to Outfront, but was told that the ads would not be approved under M.

Rodriguez did not hear from the M. The ads violated sections of M. Like Thinx before it, Ms. Over the summer things with Sex continued to drag along. For a time, Ms. Rodriguez gave up. Alexandra Fine, a founder of Dame and a friend of Ms.

Fine did not give up. Print this summer, Dame sued the M. In the suit, Dame asked that the court compel the M. The litigation is continuing.

Rodriguez and Ms. Fine have consistently contrasted the M. Fine said. Asked to comment on the Dame lawsuit, the M. Advertising for FDA-approved medication — including sexual dysfunction medication for any gender — is permitted. Along with all the print trouble facing the M. But even if a judge rules against Dame the increasing permissiveness of the last 50 years suggests there will come a day when ads for vibrators will not offend enough New Yorkers for the agency to bother rejecting them.

Dan Gluck, the founder of the Museum of Sex, which is advertised on the front of buses that sail past elementary schools in Brooklyn and elsewhere, has four children: two teenagers, a preteen and a toddler. But I think its O. Still, it is clear that the ads are uncomfortable for religious communities, many parents and teachers shuttling children from classes to museums not the one of sex on the subway.

Elana Taubman, who teaches middle-schoolers in the city, said she was put in an uncomfortable situation by one of the companies that sells erectile dysfunction pills sex the past school year. One of her students asked her what erectile dysfunction was. She told him to ask his science teacher. But the students continued to talk about the advertisement. Taubman said. To think that there are sex,year-olds being exposed to this every day?

Fine, the Dame founder, understood this perspective. In an email later in the day, though, Ms. Fine returned to her initial stance. Style Sex and the Subway Ad. Log In. Graffiti Out, Nudity In In the s, the subways were perhaps the least sexy place in New York, unless you were turned on by dirty, broken things.

Next Stop: Your Undies It is a classic, if risky marketing strategy to get attention through provocation. Mad as Heck Along with all the other trouble facing the M.

Dudum added that his own ads should not bother anyone.

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Yes, even if you are very much in love with your partner, the passion may have gone out of the window. Their touch no longer sends shivers down your spine and those sudden kisses no longer quicken your pulse.

If you too are stuck in a sexual rut, be rest assured that you are not alone. Infact, you can blame hedonic adaptation for the same which is the observed tendency in humans to return to normalcy after experiencing the highs and lows in life. Similarly, when we are with the same partner for a long time, lust and passion pave the way to compassion and deep commitment.

Do not underestimate the power of sexy text. When framed correctly, a sensual text can create an element of surprise and anticipation. It is actually a great way to set the mood right for sexy times and build the tension. From using the right emoticons to getting really descriptive, there is a lot you can do to turn on your partner there and then. Yes, you read that right. Even if unplanned sex is the hottest, we are all so busy these days that getting hot and heavy might not be your top priority.

When you fix a date and time to have sex, it can automatically add an element of thrill in your life. Planning can also help you include things you have always wanted to do and take things up a notch. A lot of people do not realise the importance of sharing your desires with your partner. Whether you want to do it the car or in the shower, or you want to reenact the notorious 50 shades of grey lift scene, communicate and figure out a way to do it. You will be surprised how trying out different things can get your heart racing.

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Despite its universality, sex and its purpose have been understood very differently by different thinkers. I teach an annual course on sexuality at Indiana University, and this work has provided opportunities to ponder sex from some provocative angles, including the body, the psyche and the spirit. The Kinsey Reports , published in and , presented a highly statistical taxonomy of sexual preferences and practices.

Despite draining sex of virtually all eroticism, the books managed to sell about three-quarters of a million copies. Physician and founder of psychoanalysis, Freud created a model of the human psyche that placed libido or sex drive at its core and postulated that psychological and social life are powerfully shaped by its tensions with the conventions of civilized behavior.

According to Freud, failure to adequately resolve such tensions could manifest in a variety of mental and physical ailments. The stage for psychoanalysis had in turn been set by Charles Darwin The subject of non-heterosexual attraction requires a different account. At first glance, sexual reproduction is a puzzle, since each member of an asexually reproducing species can produce its own genetically identical young at a lower biological cost.

However, sexual reproduction allows a more rapid reshuffling of the genetic deck, increasing the probability that some individuals will be well adapted to environmental changes.

Because human beings reproduce sexually, the foundation is laid for sexual selection , the competition for mates of which Darwin wrote in such detail. The writer Leo Tolstoy presents a more broadly humanistic understanding of the purpose of sex.

Characters who treat sex as an adventure with no regard to family come to bad ends, while those who devote themselves to family happiness fare well. These joys were so small they passed unnoticed, like gold in sand, and at bad moments she could see nothing but the pain, nothing but sand; but there were good moments too, when she saw nothing but the joy, nothing but gold. Aristophanes tells the story of once-whole creatures who, because of their pride, were cut in two, creating human beings, who now wander the Earth seeking completion in their other half.

For Aristophanes, sex represents above all a desire for wholeness. Augustine of Hippo , a saint in Catholicism, also subordinates sex to other purposes in human life.

As a young man, Augustine had relished the pleasures of sexual life, even taking a concubine who bore him a son. He recognized that such impulses could find appropriate expression in marriage and family, but he treated his own preoccupation with sex as evil, because it prevented him from orienting his life around his ultimate purpose, God. One of the most extraordinary books in the Bible is the Song of Songs. Unlike the other books, it does not mention the God of Israel or covenant, contains no prophecy, and does not represent a wisdom text, like Proverbs.

In an era in which sex and religion are often portrayed as antagonists, it can be a bit hard to fathom the view of some rabbis that the Song of Songs represents the Holy of Holies, capturing the flow of divine love and the restoration of harmony between God and creation. Likewise, Christian interpreters have often read the Song of Songs as an analogy for the love between God and man, in which the two exist in full accord.