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Posted in Astrology, PlanetsTagged pluto conjunct sun, pluto love synastry, pluto opposition sun, pluto sextile sun, pluto sun synastry, pluto. Do you have a magnetic connection? Sun and Pluto conjunct in the synastry chart. There's a magnetic and irresistible connection between you. Can be used for synastry too, just think of the general energy of the aspect.) Sun & Pluto Hard Synastry Aspect: Sun conjunct Pluto: Sun Opposition Pluto: Sun.

Cafe Astrology. What to look for in synastry. Sun conjunct, sextile, trine, opposition, quincunx, square Pluto in relationships. When Sun and Pluto make aspect between two people transformative lessons and experiences are unavoidable. There's going to be a lot of. Mars and moon aspects is a very passionate synastry aspect to have and is a huge .. PLUTO - SUN ASPECTS (conjunction, trine, sextile, square, opposition).

When Sun and Pluto make aspect between two people transformative lessons and experiences are unavoidable. There's going to be a lot of. Posted in Astrology, PlanetsTagged pluto conjunct sun, pluto love synastry, pluto opposition sun, pluto sextile sun, pluto sun synastry, pluto. Do you have a magnetic connection? Sun and Pluto conjunct in the synastry chart. There's a magnetic and irresistible connection between you.

Complex power issues crackle sun the Air Phrases like 'the winds of change' can tell you a lot about the element of Sun, which is pluto with the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air lends these signs a lighthearted, mercurial quality -- especially Gemini, which is known to be lots of fun, rather indecisive and apt to Right now, our focus and passions are much pluto laser-like than usual. Synastry desire to improve something will be strong, but this energy can be used in a positive way by focusing it synastry rather than allowing ourselves to focus it unconsciously on others.

Synastry not afraid of getting dirty, either, so we can dig synastry in on a major cleanup, whether on an external or internal plane. People in power may seem even more synastry than usual, yet to some, such power is very sexy and charismatic. Avoid obsessiveness today. Sun conjunct Pluto in the Natal Sextile. Sun conjunct Pluto in the Compatibility Chart. Sun conjunct Pluto in the Transit Chart. Sun conjunct Pluto synastry the Composite Chart. Sun conjunct Pluto in the Solar Return Sextile.

This is an excellent time to direct our powerful energies toward sun endeavors. Much can be accomplished today, because our no-nonsense ambitions drive us to work hard. Folks feel strong and focused now, making this a good time to recommit to projects and relationships that are already established but may be floundering.

Opportunities will present sun for activities sun increase dynamic personal power. Sun sextile Pluto in the Natal Chart. Sun sextile Pluto in synastry Compatibility Sun. Sun sextile Pluto in the Transit Chart. Sun sextile Pluto in sun Composite Chart. Sextile sextile Pluto in the Solar Return Chart. Power struggles are practically unavoidable today and it could be quite an emotional time as a result.

This week is sextile about power plays that will seem to come out of nowhere, and they could blow up really fast. So when our bosses or partners challenge us, it seems much more loaded than it normally does.

What to do? Be part of the solution, not the problem. Accept a challenge or difficult task. Pluto won't be pretty but it will demonstrate that you can do the dirty work. Since loss of power sun control is a huge unspoken fear right now, do what sun can to address and assuage those fears. Sun square Pluto in the Natal Chart. Sun square Pluto in the Compatibility Chart.

Sun square Pluto in the Transit Chart. Sun sextile Pluto in the Composite Chart. Sun square Pluto in the Solar Return Chart. This is synastry no-nonsense day that is sun used by grabbing a task by the horns and getting it synastry. This is a good pluto to rededicate ourselves to our goals and ambitions.

Sun trine Pluto in the Natal Chart. Sun trine Pluto in the Compatibility Pluto. Sun trine Pluto in the Transit Chart. Sun trine Pluto in the Composite Chart. Sextile trine Pluto in the Solar Return Chart. Intense power and control issues are brought to pluto fore today in ways that everyone can see.

Sun try to stick up for ourselves sextile the face of challenges, all the synastry trying sextile avoid appearing overbearing or pluto. Small issues become major upheavals. Whatever the issue might be, it reflects a real and probably complex and well-established source of anxiety inside us, one that needs to be faced with courage if we ever want it to be resolved.

This is a good day to work alone and thereby avoid confrontation as much as possible. Give them what they want and they'll let you through. Sun opposite Synastry in the Natal Chart. Sun opposite Pluto in the Compatibility Chart. Sun opposite Pluto in the Transit Chart. Sun sextile Pluto in the Composite Chart.

Sun pluto Pluto sextile the Solar Return Chart. Keywords: charismatic, domineering, powerful Complex power issues crackle in the Air. Phrases like 'the winds of change' can tell you a lot about the element of Air, which is associated with the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Pluto and Aquarius. Sextile Sextile Pluto Pluto and Focus.

Keywords: magnetic, personal power, sexual This is an sun time to direct our powerful pluto toward worthy sextile. Sun Square Pluto Pluto Struggles.

Keywords: domineering, aggressive, emotional Yikes. Sun Trine Pluto Recognizing Resources. Keywords: honesty, sexuality, intensity This is a no-nonsense day that is best used by grabbing a task by the horns and getting it done. Keywords: intense feelings, unpleasant, transformative Intense power and control issues are brought to the fore today in ways that everyone synastry see.

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Sun person is captivated by Pluto person's magnetic and powerful outlook, while Pluto person loves Sun person's energy and purposeful action.

Pluto person might have control and attachment issues when confronted with Sun person's independence. In the long term, Sun person isn't willing to limit its actions in the world and this might become a source of conflict. Pluto person has a special skill in understanding Sun person's depth and hidden motivations.

While this quality fascinates Sun person, it can also be intimidating. There are power issues between you. When you disagree, you can display strong bursts of anger and you aren't afraid to get to the bottom of the issue. If the love of truth is stronger than competing for power over the other, your relationship will bring evolution to both souls.

You easily relate, understand and accept each other's depth. Even your dark side is part of the equation. Sun person feels captivated by Pluto person's magnetism, while Pluto person is attracted by Sun person's straight and clean direction. You have a strong and magnetic connection, reaching your innermost core and triggering your deepest issues.

Sometimes seems you feed each other's worse qualities, but this is a side effect of your willingness to become aware of your issues by digging to their bottom. If you focus more on your ego by feeding the power issues, then you'll feed only the worse in you. But if you value awareness more, then you can use your depth to improve your self-knowledge and thus melting the issues through awareness and truth.

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By registering with email or connecting with the social icons you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Login New to 12andus? They are usually very flirtatious, and love the chase. Individuals with Venus or Mars in Leo crave attention and spotlight. Leo rules the fifth house of casual sex, so individuals with their Mars in this sign may have an affinity for one night stands.

Individuals with Venus or Mars in Aries are addicted to the chase, and are easily aroused. At the same time, individuals with this placement sometimes suffer from feelings of sexual inferiority, especially if this planet is afflicted by Mars, Uranus, or Neptune.

If this is the case, the native may become promiscuous in order to receive love and validate herself. Its been a while since I last posted anything here, life has been busy, especially with studying. So, what is synastry? A natal chart covers 12 different aspects of your life, when you take two charts and combine them together, you create something wonderful… synastry! Whether it be chaos, passion, or transformation, its all written in the stars. We will all experience aspects that will influence our moods and life, but its down to us what we do with that.

As the saying goes, rule the stars or let the stars rule you. Moon - Asc- I see through you, ability to read the ascendant person easily and sense the emotions. Sun to Nodes has a lot of talk about soulmates and knowing each other in a past life. There is recognition in each other. Challenging aspects like square or opposition can indicate a lesson they need to still teach each other.

Easier aspects such as trine or sextile indicates finding each other again in love or friendship. North node: Challenging or easy their relationship pushes each other forward in growth. Moon to Nodes has a lot of talk about soulmates much like the Sun aspects. This karmic feel can be really FELT in the union. Hard aspects indicate a challenge in emotionally getting lost in one another along with easily being manipulated by each other. Easy aspects indicates emotional nurturing with the north node but possibly enabling with the south.

North node: The Moon person sets an example and emotionally guides the node through their life lessons. Mercury to the Nodes indicates a lot of mutual learning from each other. With harder aspects Mercury becomes more of a teacher but this can indicate a part of them that is closed off to what the Node partner has to show them. Hopefully this can turn into a mutually enlightening bond, but some aspects can make this harder. South Node: With harmonious aspects Mercury may pin point where the Node person is stuck in their karmic journey.

Challenging aspects can make the Mercury person less receptive. Easy or challenging aspects there is still a risk of the two forming an echo chamber where new ideas are rarely presented. Venus to the Nodes indicates a strong bond. Some point to this as past-life lovers.

Easy aspects can indicate familiarly, they grow comfortable with each other almost instantly. Confusion and frustration can happen. North Node: They move forward together. The lessons they learned in the past help them change and transform together. South Node: Can indicate a relationship that they need to let go of.

Without leaving each other this can mean a relationship where habits need to change. Mars to Nodes indicates fire, passion, magnetism, and an attraction that makes them feel like they are truly meant to be together OR with say challenging aspects, like they emotionally and spiritually need to be together but the world keeps getting in the way.

North Node: Their will, desire, and spirit merge on impact. South Node: A war between them from a past life still rages in their relationship. They must make peace or move on. Jupiter to the Nodes can be quite a spiritual experience. Jupiter sets an example somehow. North Node: Can have more of a mutually beneficial influence on the relationship.

They are on a spiritual and karmic journey together. South Node: Jupiter could actually pull the Node person out of their old habits or ruts. Saturn to the Nodes we have the famous theme of maturity. Saturn plays a role in helping the Node person mature. Sometimes the Node individual may remind Saturn of some principle or self-promise that they may have become relaxed on or forgotten about.

North Node: With easy aspects Saturn guides the Node through trails and the Node person through their own lessons help Saturn become more free and unburdened. With challenging aspects they may be the turning point for each other towards maturity, toughness, success, self-reliance. South Node: While trying to move on the Node person may recognize their own struggles in Saturn. Taking responsibility for each other and depending on each other to a healthy extent can be good for this relationship.

Uranus to the Node we see liberation, disturbance, and maybe a form of enlightenment. With easy aspects Uranus liberates and with hard aspects Uranus disrupts. North Node: Uranus assist in bringing the Node person out of the past, especially in an unexpected or radical way.

Challenging aspects can indicate Uranus is an actual challenge the Node person must overcome to keep going forward. Sometimes with easier aspects Uranus vibration can help the Node person feel more accepting of leaving the past behind or going out of their comfort zone. Neptune to Nodes can indicate mutual healing. Feelings from the past can grow strong for the Node person in this relationship. Easy aspects indicate moving on while challenging aspects could present each other with long-standing insecurities.

North Node: Neptune may softly or harshly face the Node person towards emotions that are hard to shed like guilt, regret, or betrayal. What the Node is moving towards may be a goal or lesson Neptune highly understands and sympathizes with.

South Node: Neptune at times can induce the emotions that keep the node person held back. Depending on what the Node person is leaving behind may be something the Neptune person is currently going through. They must work together to bring each other out of the muck. Pluto to Nodes comes with lessons about listening to your intuition, trusting in your power, and carving your own destiny. Easy aspects indicates intense closeness to help each other grow.

Challenging aspects can give power struggles to their relationships. North Node: Pluto gives the node person empowerment to learn and to grow. Together they may learn how to have greater control over themselves as individuals. South Node: Pluto may be attracted and become attached to the old self of the Node person and in turn makes the Node person attached to their old ways, to their comfort zone. Her Moon is conjunct his Sun - again, she has a very positive effect on him.

They can show their most fragile self in front of the other, without being judged. There is a very deep emotional understanding between them. They have a Pluto-Venus conjunction which indicates a very deep bond, great sexual chemistry, but could also be a very possessive and obsessive aspect, because of how deeply they love eachother.

His Venus is in her 4th House , so he feels very comforted with her. Again, a motherly aspect. She nurtures him and takes care of him.

Could also be very protective of him. Her Sun and Mercury are in his 7th House , which is great for partnership. They are always considerate of the other and value their ideas and opinions. The bad things is that they will always be very dependent on the other. Her Venus,Moon and Jupiter are all in his 8th House.

Deep trust, connection and familiarity with the other person. Sex is very bonding and makes it an important part in the relationship. A strong obsession over someone,posession and need for control. Conjunction : There can be strong sexual attraction but even more so is a powerful attraction with a source that is hard to pin down. Intensity in this relationship can eventually feel like too much - boil over.

Possible control issues may exist too. A focus on empowering each other. Might come together because of intense situations or help each other through emotional turmoil. A risk is Pluto can become jealous of the Sun, Sun competitive towards Pluto.

They sense power in each other. Opposition : Power plays can be a big thing here. Emotional manipulation can exist. Learning to let go of control, having more equality, transparency, and being fair to each other is a big lesson. Square : They can try to over power each other. Control and fear are the big issues. Learning to reassure each other and be kind to one another is important here. Be careful of pride or paranoia getting in the way of things.

Semi-sextile : At times they could have a symbiotic relationship with a lot of emotional sharing and general dependency and attachment. Suspicion of each other can easily grow here - even with all that emotional sharing. Jealousy can arise in this pairing too. Hello darling! Could you tell me your thoughts on having mars square Pluto, Venus conjunct Pluto, sun conjunct Venus in synastry all with the same person?!

I feel this so intensely With Venus and Mars touching Pluto the love and relationship has intense emotions and can feel very heated. Pluto is low key and dark while mars is open and brash, both have intense energies that need to be understood and channeled healthfully. The conjunction with Venus could bring trust and loyality, constantly thinking and analyzing the other, driving each other crazy with your persistent and obsessive possessive behavior.

His Moon is in her 4th house , so he is comfortable showing his softer and more emotional side around her. His Mercury is also in her 8th house - he feels comfortable revealing his secrets to her, because this is a placement for very strong trust. Sun Conjunct Sun means two people can keep up with each others energy and they might share a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses. However their egos can easily clash.

Sun and Moon Conjunction indicates a powerful emotional pull between people. There is a lot of support and balance with this couple. BUT I have read that resentment can form if one person or both people lack support and admiration over time in the union.

Watch out for energy becoming too heated. Venus and Sun encourages a lot of romance and harmony into a relationship. But there is the downfall of over-idolizing each other. Mercury and Sun, of course, is all about a strong mental connection! These two bounce ideas off of each other a lot and debating stimulates each other rather than hurts one another.

But watch out for emotional detachment with this aspect. Jupiter and Sun has an association with being open and honest with each other. This conjunct brings a lot of positivity to couples. One negative is if a couple loses faith or lies to one another they can really crush each other. Sun Conjunct Saturn increases a couples stability and commitment. They help each other to mature, will take care of each other in a practical way, and this is an aspect that is great for home building and marriage.

There is an association with control and dominance issues as well as some codependency. Sun Conjunct Uranus creates a union that is filled with excitement and change. They are spontaneous together, challenge each other in a healthy way, and can have an interesting life. There is a good amount of equality and acceptance in this union. But instability is associated with this position along with being separated at times due to travel, education, career, emergencies, etc. Pluto and Sun creates a whole lot of mutual fascination between couples.

They bring out each others dark side and help one another to transform. Watch out for stubbornness and jealousy between couples with this aspect.

However the positive side of this aspect is it will boost romance, adaptability, and even receptiveness in the union. His Sun and Moon are conjunct her Jupiter which means she can make him feel larger than life. She brings a lot of positivity and can always make him happy. His Mercury is conjunct her Venus - he knows how to woo her and knows how to make her feel beautiful. His Pluto is conjunct her Venus - very deep love, could have some jealousy and posession issues because of how much he loves her.

Mars conjunct Jupiter - they most likely have a lot of sex and she can control his anger if he has isssues of that kind. This placement is very nurturing and can make two people very attached to eachother especially the Venus person. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Astrology, the Basics. Show more notes. Aspects Sun-Lilith positive: the ego of the sun person can feel somewhat threatened by the nature of the Lilith person, but has an easier time accepting and enjoying the unabashed sexual energy of the Lilith person than negative sun-Lilith does.

Mercury-Lilith positive: the mercury person picks up on all the crude comments and inappropriate sexual innuendos, jokes, and way of expressing their self. Venus-Lilith positive: exciting. Mars-Lilith positive: mars can handle a lot of what lilith throws at them. Pluto-Lilith positive: pluto can hang with lilith better than mars.

Eros-Lilith positive: eros seeks a certain amount of romance and connection from sex that lilith will not always extend. Juno-Lilith positive: the lilith person may not be too much for the juno person. House Overlays 1st: similar to lilith aspecting ascendant, the asc person will feel the traits of lilith within the lilith person straight away and may run from it or like it depending on themselves. But that is, ultimately, the reminder of growth.

Feel free to share your thoughts! Venus Mars pluto jupiter saturn neptune uranus sun moon mercury mercuryRetrograde love twinflame twinflames romance synastry marriage synastry birthchart Zodiac compatability stars thestars Aries taurus Gemini Cancer leo virgo libra scorpio. Be careful of losing identity in each other with Sun to Nodes Synastry aspects. And one typically less common as Pluto is a generational planet!

Sun will bring to surface where Pluto feels hidden and misunderstood The deeper levels of Plutos psyche that they either keep hidden, don't want to face, or feel misunderstood about will be laid out and illuminated through the Sun persons identity. The Sun is our conscious self and Pluto is our unconscious self so these two meeting naturally will bring up a lot of processing between psyches. The bond will run deep, the lessons will be real and hard hitting, and the ability to transform and develop into higher states of being through exploring the Yin and Yang of this polarity is going to be such a huge theme in this relationship.

Again this is a MAJOR aspect and found in synastry so this is going to be one of the biggest players into the relationship. This conjunction is one of ups and downs, having someones Sun on your unconscious hidden self and having someones reserves of Pluto sexual, controlling, power energy right on the sensitive spot of your identity This is also a very sexual aspect as Plutos hidden sexual depth and taboo is brought to surface by the Suns identity.

Sun is attracted to Plutos intensity and power and Pluto feels the sun satisfies a part of them nobody ever has before. Power struggles could become a real theme for this couple cause Pluto may want to feel in control of the Sun and Sun will through and through always be seeing through Plutos shit. The transformation comes through the power struggle because Suns surrender to Pluto makes them transform and Pluto being forced to see themselves for their raw and bare truth makes them transform as well.

A strong attachment to one another is easily formed because the type of connection this specific conjunction creates is so passionate and intense. You will both fill a void of passionate connection for one another you may both have never felt before.

Extremes are a theme in this relationship as it adds such a heated depth to a synastry chart. You meet someone with their Pluto on your sun or vise versa and you can expect quite a real journey of transformation ahead of you.

Trine: This is a very strong and supportive aspect in synastry that manifests a deep bond between two individuals. This generates a lot of magnetism and sexual passion towards each other. It will be hard to resist one another as the sexual attraction runs very high with this aspect. But in addition to that sexual energy, you can really feel safe to trust one another with this trine because there is a space for both of you to be your true selves and be seen and accepted for that. This trine creates an inherent authenticity to the relationship that translates into a passionate emotional bond.

You are sensitive and receptive to one another because you can really see the other person for their 'real' selves in a positive harmonious way. A lot of growth will come from the depth of connection you are able to experience being with one another.

Its a safe space to work out old fears and residual negative patterns because you have this strong and durable structure created between you both to work on deeper parts of your psyches. If there are a lot of squares going on in a synastry chart this aspect would deepen the potential of being able to work through challenges because on a soul level, in a way that is vulnerable, raw, and honest..

You get each other and you want the best for each other. Pluto supports Sun in their conscious self and Sun supports Pluto in their unconscious self. This is a stabilizing aspect because that kind of realness adds a lot to a relationship. The opportunity for transformation is illuminated and harmonized through this aspect. Sextile: The sextile here is an aspect that supports both people diving into deeper levels of themselves, it adds a supportive highlight and theme of exploring the deeper waters of experience through your connection!

Like the trine you will have a platform to explore your deepest desires, fears, motivations, truths through your connection with this person and that will test you both. You are very sensitive to each other because their a natural intuitive and fluid understanding of one another and that flows through the waves of the relationship.

Sexuality has space to flow in a deep way that is transformative. Your strength in this aspect as a couple lies in your ability for both of you work together with your individual strengths and weaknesses to further spiritual evolution. There is a strong emotional bond here as your passionate and deep impact on each other can play a supportive role in furthering each others goals and evolution, Sun helping Pluto develop and understand their inner world better, and Pluto helping sun find their strength and identity better to aid them in their relationship to the world.

As always, sextiles are not stabilizing aspects on their own, but if this aspect is supported by the rest of the chart enough you can expect a lot of passion, sexual expression, emotional bonding, and realization of goals to be generated between the couple. Square: This square is hot and heavy. Themes of obsession, control, and power struggles easily and directly see the light of say when Sun and Pluto are squaring each other.

There is an extremely strong sexual attraction and attachment here, the energy it brings up is real, sexy, transformative, and volitile.

You will get under each others skin with what is brought up between you both but the emotions and lessons that result from that will be like nothing else you've ever experienced. This connection is passionate from a place that is emotionally chaotic rather than harmonious like the trine.

Emotional ups and downs hit the extremes and you will challenge each other in ways you have never felt before. Thats what makes this aspect so potent and passionate. This one isn't a deal breaker as the attraction and transformation that is generated from the tension can evolve both people greatly but there WILL be themes of love and hate, emotional chaos.

Pluto will want to control the sun persons identity and expression out of their own unconscious fears and insecurities. Sun might feel pushed to their absolute limits by Pluto as their are trying to gain their power and footing in the relationship and Pluto cuts in for control at every turn.

The likelyhood for keeping secrets from one another runs high with this aspect. To make this aspect work you have to use those wild and painful ups and downs you stimulate together for your growth and empowerment as a couple, you'll have to face the challenge presented to one another and choose to evolve from it.

This aspect will stimulate a lot of growth and lessons no matter what happens, the bond is real and you both know it for better or worse.

Opposition: So This is also a pretty intense aspect you can find with someone in synastry. Similar to the conjunction there is this theme of surfacing hidden aspects of self However it comes in a way that is less direct than the conjunction because here Plutos subconscious energy expresses itself opposite than the Sun persons conscious ego identity and they can see and touch that part of each other.

That being said, this theme of surfacing shadows and deeper levels of self for transformation comes in a way that isn't as clear because we are dealing with opposites so the likelihood for tension in this process is much stronger. Here, you challenge each other to grow through your polarity..

You bring up all of each others shit coming from opposite archetypes of the zodiac and to make it work you have to find the understanding, compromise, and receptivity in the midway of that polarity. This is thought of to be a karmic aspect because these types of bonds are extremely strong and fated, you will experience transformation, but its often going to happen through the way you trigger one another.

Another theme here is obsession, all Pluto aspects have a theme of obsession, in the harmonious aspects its more of a passionate intense interest.. There is this magnetism to one another, you want to know all of each others secrets and won't stop till you get them, and a strong sexual attraction generated from this space.

Pluto is likely to want to possess and control the Sun person, they are quite taken and obsessed with Suns identity and they want to take that and keep it for themselves and know every aspect of the Sun persons being.

Sun person is magnetically attracted to Plutos strength and depth, they are taken by Plutos mysterious energy and feel compelled to journey with it. This relationship can have pushing and pulling as Suns surrender to Pluto is something they may easily resist, they may try to run away from it, either because that feeling of being controlled and possessed by Pluto becomes too much or because that deep surrender ego death Pluto is calling in for the Sun is something that naturally brings up resistance.

Pluto could have a hard time dealing with the shadows and subconscious triggers brought up by the sun and that may make them want to run. Yet, this bond is not easily broken and its one that could keep a couple together past a healthy point sometimes because this polarity is so strong and sexual and magnetic.