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Akwaa-Mensah, Christopher Yartey () Policy development and implementation in a Ghanaian public university. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex. Fanzon, Silvio () Geometric patterns and microstructures in the study of material defects and composites. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex. Congratulations to the following doctoral researchers, whose theses were published on Sussex Research Online (SRO) since our last issue of Doctoral.

Paper-style PhD thesis. The University allows that your PhD thesis need not follow a traditional internal structure. "You may incorporate, as an integral part of the. Latest Sussex theses published on Sussex Research Online (SRO). Congratulations to the following doctoral researchers, whose theses were published on. Randhawa, Kirat () Illness and healthcare experiences of recent low-income international migrants in a UK city. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Latest Sussex Theses Published on Sussex Research Online (SRO). Congratulations to the following doctoral researchers, whose theses were published on. Latest Sussex theses published on Sussex Research Online (SRO). Congratulations to the following doctoral researchers, whose theses were published on. Paper-style PhD thesis. The University allows that your PhD thesis need not follow a traditional internal structure. "You may incorporate, as an integral part of the.

Doctoral thesis PhDUniversity of Sussex. Pei, Yun The prophetic Wordsworth: anxiety tthesis self-fashioning. Tranter, Christopher Defending the fortress: comparative studies of disease sussex in ant societies.

Cash, John Alexander School leaders and the implementation of education management information systems EMIS in the Bahamas: a case study of six principals.

Holt, Samantha An investigation of other-awareness and the collaborative process in low-functioning children with autism using shareable technology. Susswx, Dorothy Abra Student participation in decision-making in senior sussex schools in Ghana. Doctoral thesis EdDUniversity of Sussex. Akwaa-Mensah, Christopher Yartey Policy development and implementation in a Ghanaian public university.

McKean, Vanessa The role of expectations and visions of the future in the development of target-based environmental policies: the case of the UK Air Quality Strategy. Almazroui, Sultan Microwave imaging thesiw security applications.

Wathan, Jennifer Social communication in domestic horses: the production and perception of facial expressions. What the daughters of successful career women want from their work and thesis lives.

Zhang, Xiaolin Investigation of 3D electrical susse mammography systems for breast cancer detection. Al Shoaili, Saoud Humaid An examination of technology transfer and technological learning through intermediaries: the case of intermediaries in the Omani oil and gas sector. Wu, Hsiang-mei Chaucer thesis prejudices: a critical study of The Canterbury tales. Mannino, Mariella Improving treatment of glioblastoma: new insights in targeting cancer stem cells effectively.

Parpia, Pasha Neural plasticity and the limits thessi scientific knowledge. Blumenthal, Hugo Deconstructing appearances in the eighteenth-century English novel. Horii, Satoko Frontex and the evolution of cooperation on European border controls.

Burns, Ryan Patrick Tablet computers and technological practices within and beyond the laboratory. Nicholls, Laura Sussdx Uranium silicate complexes as models for surface immobilised uranium catalysts. Bremner, Phillip Collaborative co-parenting: a comparative study of the legal response to poly-parenting in Canada and the UK. Doctoral thesis PhDUniversity of Exeter. Gilardi, Marco A framework for local terrain deformation based on diffusion theory.

Field, Claudia Louise Focusing the lens: the role of travel and photography in the personal and working lives of Vanessa Sussex and Duncan Grant.

Hamilton-Fletcher, Giles How touch and hearing influence visual processing in sensory substitution, synaesthesia and cross-modal correspondences. Wood, Rachel Consumer eussex women and sex sussex. Yin, Tengfei Advanced ultrawideband imaging algorithms for breast cancer detection. Thomas, Catherine Elizabeth The haunted university: academic subjectivity in the time of communicative syssex. Thorniley, James Information transfer and causality in the sensorimotor loop.

Matthews, Danny MediateSpace: applying contextual mediation to the tuple space paradigm. Doctoral thesis PhDNewcastle University. Wu, Pin-Hsien Environmentalism in China and India: a comparative analysis of people and politics in two coal capitals.

Allen, Nicola Jayne Damage repair mechanisms in sensory hair cells. Slater, Edwina A case study of the deployment of teaching assistants in secondary schools to support learning.

Napieralski, Bartosz Political Catholicism and Euroscepticism: the deviant thesie of Poland in a comparative perspective. Lobstein-Adams, Chris Development of a medical imaging-based technology for cancer treatment.

Blazakis, Konstantinos N Computational methods for investigating cell motility with applications to neutrophil thesi migration. Martin, Eleanor It's a team game: exploring factors that influence team sussex. Alkharashi, Suliman Abdullah Human rights in the stage of criminal investigation: a comparison between Law and practice in Saudi Arabia and England and Wales.

Johnson Ross, Freya What state are we in? Activism, professional feminists and local government. Crawford, Freya Thesis properties of recycling synaptic vesicles in acute hippocampal slices. Lee, Wei Cheat Photoelectrochemical water splitting and gas ionisation sensing using metal oxide nanostructures. Rattana, Prapanporn Mean-field-like approximations for stochastic processes on weighted and dynamic networks.

Jablonka, Karolina Study of film thickness in elastohydrodynamic contacts by electrical capacitance. Goulding, Philip The use of electric potential sensors in nuclear magnetic resonance and particle detection applications. Hester, Diarmuid Passionate destruction, passionate creation: art and anarchy in the work of Dennis Cooper. Moeini, Mohammad A behavioral perspective on IT project risk management: a three-essay thesis. Chetwynd, Andrew Thesis Development of nanoflow liquid chromatography-nanoelectrospray ionization mass spectrometry methodology for improved urine metabolomics.

Chibuye, Miniva The impact of rising food prices on household welfare in Zambia. Anvar, Matluba Women and religious practices in Uzbekistan: transformation and changes in the capital of Uzbekistan in the light of the post-Soviet period.

Parry-Morris, Sarah High-throughput screening technologies for identification and expression of susex domains of proteins of biomedical importance. Cemgil, Can M Dialectic of foreign policy and international relations: a social thesie of a disciplinary gap.

Lane, Richard The nature of growth: the postwar history of the economy, energy and thesis environment. Sultana, Umme Busra Fateha Gender, sexuality and contraceptive sussx in Bangladesh: representation and lived experience across social classes and generations.

Hurst, Megan Get fit, feel great, look amazing! Regulation of exercise behaviour and body image in women. Louhichi, Imed The 'motionisation' of verbs: a contrastive study of thinking-for-speaking in English and Tunisian Arabic. Sussxe Nabulsi, Hani The crowd psychology of thexis Hajj.

King, Scott Benjamin Rationality under fire: the incorporation of emotion into rational choice. Masters thesis MPhilUniversity of Sussex. Marchant, Katrina Things 'necessary' and 'unnecessary': trash and trifles in early modern England, Holmes, Alexandra Jane Educational experiences as fields of influence in physics: an exploration of the critical incidents in student education.

Luna, Joseph The poetry and poetics of Douglas Oliver, Cheng, Li Transient modelling of a diesel engine and air-path control.

Nelson, Thesis Digital technologies, social media and emerging, alternative documentary production methodologies. Riddy, Paula The representation of the country house in individual books and guides Dubois, Elizabeth Naomi Star formation in the local environments of high-redshift ultraluminous infrared galaxies. Kadiwal, Laila Religious pluralism in Ismaili Muslim religious education: from difference to diversity.

Weiss, Oliver Dependency theory and Eastern bloc trade: reformulating a forgotten thesis. Zhang, Weida Advanced electrode models thesus numerical modelling for high frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography systems. Oduro, Evelyn Owusu Assessment in mathematics classrooms sussex Ghana: a study of teachers' practices. Garrod, Matthew Thesls the protective principle of jurisdiction and its use in response theesis international terrorism.

Adlparvar, Naysan "When glass breaks, it becomes sharper": sussex ethnicity in the Bamyan Valley, Afghanistan. Berkson, Jacob Sussex as an evaluative, semantic property: a thesie of the linguistic priority thesis. Anderson, Hazel Patricia Synaesthesia, hypnosis and consciousness. Cheema, Munira The production and reception of gender-based content in Pakistani television culture. Bowles, Matthew David Comparing the cost-effectiveness of methods for estimating population density for primates in the Amazon rainforest Peru.

Keen, Benjamin A Molecular dissection of PrimPol, a novel primase-polymerase involved in damage tolerance during DNA replication in eukaryotic cells. Hull, Alison Motivational and metacognitive feedback in an ITS: linking past states sussed experiences to current problems.

Lake, Kimberley Towards high fidelity entanglement with dressed state qubits. Akoto, Philip Victor Distance education for teacher education in Ghana: an investigation into untrained teachers' experiences. Roa Sussxe, Veronica Alejandra Policy learning and policy change in a context of industry crisis: the case of Chilean salmon farming industry. Bachan, Raymond Imtiaz Three essays on the economics of higher education.

Shukla, Hemant Observing the epoch of reionization and dark ages with redshifted cm hydrogen line. Lekitsch, Bjoern Development of microfabricated ion traps for scalable microwave quantum technology.

Tilford, Robert Patrick Use your illusion: the flash-lag effect as a tool for psychophysics. Shapira Faians, Adi Social skills learning groups: thessi case study of young people identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Sato, Shinya Design and implementation of a low-level language for interaction nets. Srivastava, Shilpi Rule s over regulation: the making of water reforms and regulatory cultures in Suussex, India.

Hull, David Modernism and state power in the pre-war poetry and prose of Ezra Pound, — Mwale, Shadreck Risk, rewards and regulation: exploring regulatory and ethical dimensions of human research participation in phase Thesis first-in-human clinical trials in The United Kingdom. Gordon, Sindi Fiona Krik?

Exploring the potential of creative life theeis for opening dialogic space and suseex personal freedom. Asgir, Maryam Numerical analysis of a mathematical model of multiphase tissue growth. Green, Jasper Karim Dominik Cross-strait economic integration susaex the transnationalization of Susaex. Dimitriou, Pavlos Air-fuel homogeneity effects on direct injection diesel engine performance emission. Kellond, Joanna Elizabeth Thornton The art of healing: psychoanalysis, culture and cure.

Taheri, Saeedeh Cognitive stylistics approach to cinematic characterization. Vadukul, Devkee M. Ross, Hannah Simulating the cm signal during the Cosmic Dawn. Navickas, Tomas Towards high-fidelity microwave driven multi-qubit gates on microfabricated surface ion traps. Fritz, Christopher Aspects of non-locality in gravity. Sarfaraz, Wakil The geometric influence of domain-size on the dynamics of reaction-diffusion systems with applications in pattern formation.

Liang, Ce Analysis of crashworthiness of the dimpled thin-walled structures. Ahmed, Nabeela Mobile people, immobile structures: a study of internal migrants in India and access to social protection. Sherborne, Neil Non-Markovian epidemic dynamics on networks. Saavedra Montes de Oca, Olga Lidia Opening other closets: a visual ethnography of gender roles and social change among transgender people and their families in Cuba. Akinci, Idil Being Emirati: national identity construction among young Dubai citizens and second-generation Arab migrants in Dubai.

Contreras Garcia, Giovanni Jesue A review of computer skills in industrial design education : issues, opportunities and recommendations. Karaoglu, Fatma The cubic surfaces with twenty-seven lines over finite fields. Hu, Wentao The impact of regulation, governance, market power and diversification on bank performance and risk.

Bristol, Marlon Anthony Exploring the potential development consequences and impact of return migration to Guyana. Mabvira, Lazarus Tapuwa Essays on the interplay between bank competition, corporate governance, financial stability and misreporting in the context of the global financial crisis. Alabdullah, Salam Abdulqader Falih Classification of arcs in finite geometry and applications to operational research. Moscoso Rosero, Paola The use of acoustic analyses to evaluate ecological and social impacts of habitat degradation in contemporary conservation biology.

Alfadhli, Khalifah H The role of shared identity in social support among refugees of conflict: case of Syrian refugees in Middle East. Shqerat, Maysa Everyday resistance and settler colonialism in Palestine. Hamed, Zainab Shehab Arcs of degree four in a finite projective plane.

Gu, Jinlong Firm diversification and performance: the roles of geographic location and product relatedness. Wanjala, Christine N Regenerative leadership practices in Kenyan schools. Hayes, Anthony Quantum enhanced metrology: quantum mechanical correlations and uncertainty relations. Rashid, Muhammad Philip Larkin and secularisation. Warren, Treena Kay Negative traits: the uncanny, bizarre and horrific in nineteenth century photographs.

Jalal Kamali, Sima The caged bird sings on: the political voice of Maya Angelou's autobiographical oeuvre. Pelurson, Gaspard Queer quests: journeying through manifestations of queerness in video games.

Duivenvoorden, Steven Unravelling the influence of environment, redshift and confusion on the star formation in dusty galaxies. Setford, Jack Strongly coupled physics beyond the standard model. You, Chuanman A comparative study from the path dependency theory: understanding China's takeover regulations.

Trinh, Mailan Non-stationary processes and their application to financial high-frequency data. Alamirew, Netsanet Comprehensive analysis of thermodynamics,dynamics and associated variability. French, Georgia Catherine Anne Individual and sexual variation in the trophic ecology of the white shark Carcharodon carcharias. Gross, Matthew John Residential demand-side response in the UK: maximising consumer uptake and response.

Novackova, Monika Effects of sea level rise in the United States and climate change perception in the United Kingdom. Panhwar, Farida Yasmin Ali Nawaz Multilingualism in Sindh, Pakistan: the functions of code-switching used by educated, multilingual Sindhi women and the factors driving its use.

Peters, Luke A S Surface terahertz phenomena. Pichler, Paul Representation and modulation of mechanical information in the lateral line of larval zebrafish. Ellis, Matthew Telling the truth? Exploring notions of self and responsibility with young people involved in treatment for harmful sexual behaviour. Baskerville, Adam The quantum chemical physics of few-particle atoms and molecules.

Simmons, Robert Thermodynamic and structural analysis of the interactions between Epstein-Barr virus transcription factors and the host targeting factor RBP-Jkappa. Birmpa, Panagiota Quantification of mesoscopic and macroscopic fluctuations in interacting particle systems.

Courage, Fiona The value of higher education: a temporal analysis from Mass Observation. Doctoral thesis EdD , University of Sussex. Antunes de Oliveira, Felipe The political economy of permanent underachievement: a critique of neoliberalism and neodevelopmentalism in Argentina and Brazil.

Kida, Takahiro Migration, traces and the poetics of delay: exploring filmic forms to represent the Jewish migrational past of Kobe, Japan. Gallie, Nicholas The sublime of climate change. Aldossary, Fahad Valuation of callable convertible bonds using binomial trees model with default risk, convertible hedging and arbitrage, duration and convexity.

Shackleton, Kyle Novel aspects of nest defence in stingless bees. Cullis, James W S Landscapes of progress: the place of physical geography in Scottish Enlightenment accounts of stadial theory. Vincent, Sean Paul The effect of new media on candidate independence: a comparison of constituency candidates in the United Kingdom and Japan. Daoust, Gabrielle Education and the critique of liberal peacebuilding: the case of South Sudan. Mankin, Jennifer Lauren The psycholinguistics of synaesthesia.

Smith, Adrian John The distribution and exploitation of popular European film in British cinemas, — Bond, Rachael Louise Relational information theory. Al-Mayyahi, Auday Basheer Essa Motion control of unmanned ground vehicle using artificial intelligence. Regan, Vanessa Pedagogic incongruities: a case of Initial Teacher Education and speaking skills in modern foreign languages.

Ingram, Daniel John Quantifying the exploitation of terrestrial wildlife in Africa. Gilham, Jamie Mark Developing a probabilistic recession model through characterisation and quantification of the erosion of chalk sea cliffs in Brighton. Costin, Vlad What makes life feel meaningful? Skelton, Alice Elizabeth Infant colour perception. Pesambili, Joseph Christopher An investigation into the encounter between Indigenous and Western education among the Maasai pastoralists in Tanzania.

Kawasaka, Kazuyoshi Between nationalisation and globalisation: male same-sex politics in post-war Japan. Pichanick, E V D Bounds for complete arcs in finite projective planes. Sloss, Ian The effects of ethanol on memory and neuroplasticity in a vertebrate and an invertebrate model of learning. Hassan, Bushra Identity processes among adolescents and young adults in Pakistan: implications for personal and social well-being.

McMichen, James Determination of areas and basins of attraction in planar dynamical systems using meshless collocation. Shearman, Julia The regulation of respiration on plant growth and development of Fallopia japonica, Japanese knotweed. A'Zami, Darius Alexander Citizen-peasants: modernity, international relations and the problem of difference in Tanzania. Neale, Alexa Hannah Leah Capital domicide: home and murder in the mid-century metropolis.

Roffe, Gavin William The synthesis, catalytic investigation, and theoretical rationalisation of unsymmetrical pincer palladacycles. Holt, Lauren Adele Genetic structure, reproductive skew, and the evolution of sociality in the hover wasp Liostenogaster flavolineata.

Al Toufailia, Hasan Integrated control of honey bee diseases in apiculture. Cordeu Cuccia, Cecilia Child and parental acculturation attitudes and child well-being: concurrent and longitudinal relationships among children in immigrant contexts.

Martin, Maxmillan Moving from the margins: migration decisions amidst climate-and environment-related hazards in Bangladesh. Makar, Irene Christine Institutionalized effects on innovation: a case study of dental care. Saha, Amrita Essays in Indian trade policy. Han, Ae Jin The aesthetics of cuteness in Korean pop music. Zhang, Linghua Option volatility study from a data analysis perspective. Yadav, Smita Informal labour and livelihood diversification: dignity and agency among the Gonds in central india.

Whittaker, Nicholas James The Island Race: geopolitics and identity in British foreign policy discourse since Shaw, Julia Socialism by grace: the new visibility of postsecular social work. Zarafshani, Ali A high-performance, multi-frequency micro-controlled Electrical Impedance Mammography EIM excitation and phantom validation system.

Bukari, Shaibu Parts unknown: a critical exploration of Fishers' social constructs of child labour in Ghana. Kirk, Maria Performing consumption and consuming performance: a 17th century play collection. Ting, Wen-Ching Struggling in between: the everyday practice of weaving Shan home territory along the Thai-Burma border. O'Doherty, Oran Gilliland Synthesis of novel trypanosome alternative oxidase inhibitors for the treatment of African trypanosomiasis.

Morgan, Lucy Gianna Fitzgerald Professional caregiving and prosocial behaviour: an exploration within self-determination theory and beyond. Samuels, Julie Adoption and narrative in the digital age: how are social and digital media changing adoption?

Granger, Andrew The flavour of warped extra dimensions. Begley, Stephen Patrick Optimisation of the coupling of ion strings to an optical cavity. Dooley, Neil Beyond immaturity and victimisation: the European periphery and the Eurozone crisis. Karli, Chrysoula Socioeconomic factors that determine the phenomenon of migration in current Greece: a quantitative approach.

Persoff, Joanna Channah The reading prism: questioning literary texts within a reading community to develop active independent readers. Luminosity Function. Clarke, Charlotte Louise The distant, dusty universe: finding star-forming galaxies with the Herschel Space Observatory. Stiefenhofer, Pascal Christian Stability analysis of non-smooth dynamical systems with an application to biomechanics. Davies, Geoff A metacognitive account for the relationship between neurocognition and functional outcome in first-episode psychosis.

Felix, Sara Maria Camacho Fostering criticality within neoliberal higher education: a critical action research study with first year students in Kazakhstan. Burrows, Kathryn Alice Non-adiabatic losses from radio frequency dressed cold atom traps. Arnold, Kate The influence of parental depression, interparental conflict and parent-child hostility on the development of psychopathology in children and adolescents.

Maule, John Ensemble perception of hue. D'Aiello, Alan Communicating in the local: digital communications technology use in Brighton's gay pub scene. Kallias, Konstantinos Political connections of new business ventures. Geiringer, David The Pope and the pill: exploring the sexual experiences of Catholic women in post-war England. Carrasco Ogaz, Diego Alonso Multivariate approaches to school climate factors and school outcomes. Context, history, and reappraisal.

Danvers, Emily Re-thinking criticality: undergraduate students, critical thinking and higher education. Trimby, Stuart Engine cylinder pressure reconstruction using crank kinematics, block vibrations, and time-delay neural networks.

Singhalampong, Eksuda From commissions to commemoration: the re-creation of King Chulalongkorn and his court, and the Thai monarchy through westernised art and Western art collection.

Desmonds, Terri Mechano-electrical transduction in cochlear hair cells: channel blockers, an anomalous mechano-sensitive current and TRPC knockout mice. Rauch, Johannes Discretisation-invariant swaps and higher-moment risk premia.

Baldock, Robert Characterisation of selected post-translational modifications mediating the response to stress in mammalian cells. Sulimierska, Malgorzata The impact of capital account liberalisation on productivity growth: the evidence from Poland since Sun, Dijue Characterizing the regulation and function of Zip1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae meiosis.

Homewood, Matthew Understanding rural migration in late nineteenth-century England: taking parish research to a new level. Gilbert, Paul Robert Money mines: an ethnography of frontiers, capital and extractive industries in London and Bangladesh. Barnes, Jake Peter The local embedding of technologies through community-led initiatives: the case of sustainable energy. Ghorpade, Yashodhan Essays on household behaviour at the intersection of conflict and natural disasters: the floods in Pakistan.

Pacillo, Grazia Market participation, innovation adoption and poverty in rural Ghana. Landry, Christophe A Creole melting pot: the politics of language, race, and ldentity in southwest Louisiana, Bermpei, Theodora The impact of risk, fees, corporate governance and unconventional monetary policy on investment bank performance.

Batchkarov, Miroslav Manov Evaluating distributional models of compositional semantics. Barone, Rossano A cognitive model of the roles of diagrammatic representation in supporting unpractised reasoning about probability.

Lunt, Thomas James Dis engaging students: the role of digital literacy in Higher Education learning communities. Takei, Keiko The production of skills for the agricultural sector in Tanzania: the alignment of technical, vocational education and training with the demand for workforce skills and knowledge for rice production. Perysinakis, Reem Maria Shifting targets in Reformation allegory: five case studies, Brace, Aaron Induced impulsiveness?

Eating behaviour and the modulation of behavioural sub-types of impulsivity. All permission should be obtained in writing and an electronic copy of the correspondence should be submitted along with the electronic copy of your thesis. Further information on third party copyright permissions, including what to do if permission is not granted, is available from the Library's Introduction to Copyright. In the course of their research, students may obtain information from confidential sources, and then face decisions about how to take account of the information, and how to clear it for publication.

The problems should not be put aside until the thesis has been written. It is important to realise that a thesis is legally considered to have been published as soon as it is made available to anyone at all, and therefore it cannot be written as a private document. Treatment of Confidential Sources Given that a thesis is a publication it cannot, without permission, include quotations from, or citations of, documents or letters or oral statements which are confidential.

Students who have obtained confidential information should proceed as follows:. There may be valid reasons for restricting access to your thesis. Usually this will be for a limited period. Below are some common reasons why you may need to restrict access to your thesis:.

All requests for an embargo should be discussed in the first instance with your supervisor who will advise you on how to proceed. Access may, with the approval of the Director of Doctoral Studies, be restricted for a period of up to two years. If your thesis contains material for which you do not have cleared copyright, you may remove that material to separate volume which will be permanently embargoed. However you must make every effort to obtain copyright during the preparation of your thesis.

You will be asked to complete an end-of-programme evaluation form following your submission which will provide an opportunity for feedback to the Doctoral School on the working of your examination process, as well as some overall reflections on your experience as a research student during your time at Sussex. Graduation ceremonies are currently held in January and July. You will be sent details of the next appropriate ceremony based on the expected date of your viva.

Please note there is no guarantee that you will have completed in time to be eligible to graduate at the ceremony you have been sent the details for, as the process of submitting, examining and correcting your thesis typically takes several months. In order to graduate, you must have no outstanding academic commitments.

If you are asked by your examiners to make corrections to your thesis after your viva, these corrections must be completed and approved by the Research Degrees Examination Board before you will be eligible to graduate. Visit Sussex' s Graduation pages for more details about your ceremony.

Homepage Throughout your research degree Regulations and policies The submission and examination process Information for supervisors Information for examiners Forms and letter requests People.

The submission and examination process Find out about the submission and examination process for research students. Temporary binding Three copies of the thesis should be submitted in temporary binding as follows: The pages of the thesis should be held together in a soft cover by an adhesive spine and should not be stitched or have holes punched in them. Note that you should only submit a hard bound copy of your thesis after you have been examined and completed any corrections.

Temporary soft binding is sufficient for the initial submission. The Print Unit York House offers a thermal binding service for reasonable rates. A portfolio of musical compositions and associated commentary should have a spiral binding.

The maximum word length for an MPhil theses is 40, words. The substantial composition should consist of either: A written score to be scored either for larger forces or for smaller forces in which case it should exceed 15 minutes in duration; or an equivalent-scale musical, sonic or audio-visual work for digital media; or an equivalent-scale musical performance of original work, which must be documented on DVD and submitted with the critical commentary.

The large-scale work should consist of either: A written score for larger forces or for smaller forces in which case it should exceed 30 minutes in duration; An equivalent-scale musical, sonic or audio-visual work for digital media; An equivalent-scale musical performance of original work documented on DVD and submitted with the critical commentary. The written component [associated commentary] must be between 20, and 40, words in length. Where poetry is the chosen genre, the creative component will be a book length manuscript and the critical component will be no less than 25, words MPhil or 50, words PhD.

The thesis may also be presented in such a way that the creative and critical components are interwoven to create a distinctive whole. In this instance, the creative and critical components may be seen, for example, as two different but interdependent responses to the same topic; Or the creative component may arise out of the critical component or vice versa and be a vehicle for exploring it further. In either case, the summary for both the MPhil and the PhD shall not exceed words.

Tables of contents, etc. All Figures and Tables are present, inserted in the correct place, have an appropriate title and legend where necessary, and are in final form and appropriately numbered.

A minimum font size of not less than 9 is suggested after insertion of a Figure into the main text of the thesis. The text has been carefully checked to remove typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. As complete elimination is very difficult insertion of a few corrections at a later stage is usually allowed, although please be advised more than one error per page is not considered acceptable.

The bibliography is presented in an acceptable format, your supervisor should be able to advise you further. References are cited accurately, and every reference cited in the text is given in the bibliography and vice-versa. All pages are present and correctly numbered and located. You have correctly set out subject-specific aspects such as statistical analyses, formulae or quotations. Format of the Thesis or Portfolio The approved format of your thesis or portfolio is as follows: Paper: A4 and of good quality.

Students in countries where A4 paper is difficult to source may submit on US Letter sized paper. There is no size restriction on drawings, map and similar documents. Typeface: The typeface should be clear and easy to read.

Printing: On one side of the paper only. Spacing: For the main text, double or one-and-a-half line-spacing. For indented quotations or footnotes, single line-spacing. Margins: The left-hand-side should be 4cm. The top and bottom margins should be 2. The right hand margin should be 2cm. Page numbers should be located centrally at the top of the page. Any photographs or diagrams not included in the text must be indexed separately by reference to the page which follows it.

Title Page The title page should include: the full title of the thesis and the sub-title if any; the full name of the author; the qualification aimed for; the name of the University of Sussex; the month and year of submission. Table of Contents A table of contents should be included in the thesis and should list in sequence with the page numbers all relevant sub-divisions of the thesis including; the titles of chapters; sections and paragraphs as appropriate; the bibliography; the list of abbreviations and other functional parts of the thesis, any appendices and the index if provided.

The composite bibliography should be; either numbered consecutively, as far as possible, in the same order as references appear in the text, with numbers only in the text; or be placed in alphabetical order of authors, sub-divided chronologically by year of publication, with authors' names and years of publications in the text. In the latter case publications in the same year by the same author s should be distinguished in the bibliography and the text by letters in alphabetical sequence e.

Referencing system: please use the referencing system most prevalent in your discipline. The same referencing system should be used throughout the thesis. Statement Your thesis or portfolio must include a signed declaration bound into the thesis or portfolio after the title page which states: the thesis or portfolio, whether in the same or different form, has not been previously submitted to this or any other University for a degree, unless you are re-submitting the thesis or portfolio for re-examination.

To what extent any material has already been submitted as part of required coursework, at any university and any award obtained as a result. The sources from which the information has been derived and, if any part of the thesis or portfolio results from joint work with other persons. If so, the extent to which the thesis or portfolio has drawn on the work of those others and the portion of the thesis or portfolio which you claim to be your own original work.

Example 1: Work submitted elsewhere for examination I hereby declare that this thesis has not been and will not be, submitted in whole or in part to another University for the award of any other degree.